Discussion: Nikki Haley Blasts Myanmar Imprisonment Of Reporters: 'Another Terrible Stain' On Burmese Gov

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Thus says the representative of the current U.S. administration, proud holder of the (checks notes) 45th rank in the listings of press freedom by nation.


but takes good notes in case she needs to brief Cheeto Donnie on how it’s done💀


Funny, I must have missed the tweets where Haley condemned Trump for calling out reporters, and calling for them to be locked up.


What has happened to Nikki Haley and how did they make up Samantha Power to look and sound like her?

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And for the death threats coming their way regularly now. You call them “enemies of the people,” unbalanced admirers will take that to heart. You’re a responsible adult, Nikki. You don’t get confused. You know what can happen. And you’re complicit in it, no matter how much distancing you indulge in now and then.


Dear Ambassador Haley,
Please take a break from your backbreaking schedule and treat yourself to a short and relaxing trip to the bucolic farming areas of upstate New York and find a goat to blow.

With all love and deep respect, D.

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Yeah, really, that was my first thought too. If Spankee did it, ol’ Nimrata would jump up and down insisting it was his right and it was understandable and good.

Dog, the hypocrisy is sooooooo sickening.


Irony, where is thy Thor’s hammer?


Every UN Ambassador But Nikki Haley Blasts Myanmar Imprisonment Of Reporters US Separation of Immigrant Families & Immigrant Child Abuse: ‘Another Terrible Stain’ On Burmese American Gov

Nikki, they’re all laughing at you. Your career is kaput.


“I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning…it smells like…Republican sweat sox, bitter anger and fear.”

  1. Summary Execution of Black Citizens by White Police.
  2. Republican refusal to legislate to mandate States (including those Red States) to protect their election machinery and computers from Russian Hacking.
  3. Chief Justice Roberts -the GOP-Jeff Sessions’ rollbacks on the Voting Rights Act.
  4. Illegal and inhumane separation of children from their parents at the Border by ICE.
  5. Illegitimately elected President who lost the Popular Vote.
  6. Death of 2,975 US Citizens in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria because Donald Trump just does not give a shit about Puerto Ricans, who his Daddy, Fred, hated renting to.

Another terrible stain on the United States Government.



The two reporters had told the court two police officials handed them papers at a restaurant in the city of Yangon moments before other officers arrested them on Dec. 12.

One police witness testified the restaurant meeting was a set-up to entrap the journalists, who were reporting at the time on the massacre of 10 Rohingya Muslim men in Rakhine State. The judge said on Monday that testimony had not been corroborated by other witnesses.

During the hearings, a police officer had also told the court that he burned notes he made at the time of the reporters’ arrest, but didn’t explain why. Several prosecution witnesses contradicted the police account of where the arrests took place. And a police major conceded the “secret” information allegedly found on the reporters wasn’t actually a secret.

Has the Nobel committee ever rescinded a Nobel Peace Prize? They should to look into it in the case of Aung San Suu Kyi


People around the world admired her, cared about her situation, were glad she became a national leader. And now look.


I was one of them. Never thought she would condone genocide or jailing journalists.


So was I, and I didn’t see that coming either.


@bonvivant @mattinpa

I understand that she is a politician, thus would like to stay in power but you two are right, I don’t think she’s even trying.
Myanmar is a military dictatorship with a thin veneer of democracy. I just don’t understand what they get out of this? Are foreign companies rushing in to exploit what natural resources they have, and those resources would be what?


And what has Nikki said about the ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing?

The conviction of two journalists for doing their job is another terrible stain on the Burmese government

I’m sure the Trump Administration can show them how to squash freedom of the press in far less obvious ways.

While what she said was absolutely true and needed to be said loud and clear, I wish that someone with much more credibility would say it. She isn’t exactly the proper spokesperson to make her statement given that she is attached to one of the more repressive governmental administrations in the Western Hemisphere. The irony is just too great to be missed and clouds the import of her statement and the reasons behind it.

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