Discussion: 'Nightly Show' Predicted The Oscar Nominations: All White People (VIDEO)

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Beyond the Pale.

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Black lives don’t matter, black actors don’t matter and black movies don’t matter and the proof is the lack of comments here. Nobody gives a shit about black folks. Shame on us

Who needs validation from an awards show created by white people to celebrate other white people? Again you have the BET Awards, NAACP Image Awards, the Soul Train Awards…

More accurately

The Oscars don’t matter, the proof is in the lack of comments in this thread. No one gives a shit about Hollywood sucking its own collective dick for a few hours, hurray for us.

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So, we should have affirmative action for the Oscars? Set minimums for the number of nominees from each race? Where does this lead?

I think that’s grossly unfair. I and most others here are vehement supporters of equality, diversity and ending institutionalized racism in this country. We keep abreast of the issues and postvociferously and voluminously under articles about the issues like police brutality, voter ID, defunding of SCHIP, inner city poverty, crime and school systems, etc. You know this.

What I (and I’m guessing many others) don’t give two wet shits about is the self-congratulatory glad-handing movie industry’s sloppy public masturbation known as The Oscar’s. I find it nigh impossible to care who the nominees are in the first place and never watch the insipid idolatry and ego circus, which leaves me with nothing upon which to build any concern about any other issues related thereto.

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Haha…All I could think of was “what a great title for a documentary about the secret life of albinos…”

I said the same thing. The lack of comments on this thread are proof of that

I know you do and some others here do The shame on us was a general reference. There has been no real outcry from prominent people in this country to demand action and change. No just about hollywood and oscars but the blatant segregation when it comes to opportunity and justice. But you must admit, these stories get very little comments and some are all to ready to blame BLM for even daring to speak up and out,

No one is suggesting affirmative action for the Oscars. I never even watch them because I find them boring and self-serving but to eliminate a race of people who have legitimate contributions to make to the industry I find disgusting,