Discussion: NFL Now Requires Players To Stand For National Anthem Or Stay In Locker Room

Yeah, you show 'em…put those n-bombz in their place!

It’s fucking disgusting how much we’re letting the white nationalists/racists actually “win.”

And if you don’t think that’s EXACTLY what this is about for half this country…the nexus of black people protesting what Methbilly Nation views as rightful white authority over them being used to keep them down by doing what…why, of all things, horror of horrors, kneeling during the national anthem as a giant symbol of white nationalist global power is stretched across the field…then just let them tell you so themselves…read the KKKomments:



This IS disgusting. Do we really need any more evidence now that the NFL is not really a sports league anymore, and that football is a vehicle for something other than sports entertainment?



Just another postcard from the perspective-free zone…

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You must obey because … freedom.

I hope the players will band together and all stay in the locker room. Let them play the National Anthem, which is based on “To Anacreon in Heaven,” a 1700’s paean to drinking and sex, to the empty benches.

This is truly a despicable move. I hope the Players Association takes it to court and gets is quickly rescinded.



Can the players turn their backs? If I were a player, I’d turn my back just to protest this infantile attempt at thought control.


I bet ALL the players would be on the field for that!

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How will they explain away falling ratings this year?

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The NFL Players Association said it will challenge any part of the new policy that violates the collective bargaining agreement.
Hmm, didn’t the Supreme Court just kill collective bargaining? If not, that will be coming down the pike soon. Collective bargaining might still be in effect but class action suits were killed, I guess. Truth justice and screw the little guy!


Time for a players’ strike.


What a pitiful, offensive response to Americans’ First Amendment right of freedom of expression. One has to wonder if yesterday’s SC decision giving corporations the distinct upper hand over employee greivances has any bearing on this action announced today.

I certainly hope the players simply find another gesture or symbolic act that is a different expression of the same outrage against continuing law enforcement abuses against minorities…


I’d like to see the fans in their seats instead of standing for the anthem…although, I haven’t watched a football game since Joe Montana played. I went to a horse show in Oregon about 15 years ago and didn’t stand for the anthem. Ew, that was sacrilegious! Those rednecks wanted to string me up.

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I’m a “sitter” as well. I abhor displays of mindless nationalism and false patriotism.


“…I hope the players will band together and all stay in the locker room…”

And as sure as God made little green apples they’ll do just that. I’m a white guy and I would join them.


I’d love to see a superstar NFL player disobey this moronic rule, and then see what the League does. My guess would be: nothing.

I’m sorry, that should be: “superstar white NFL player.”


I was thrown out of a bull fight in Spain in 1979 for OLE’ing the bull when he gored a matador.


Boycott the Concussion League of Racist White Gentlemen already. It is as celebration of war and in many ways the worse of American Values - hyper-nationalism, racism, violence and sexism. I am done with it. I will watch the World Cup instead even though it is in Russia due to corruption. I will watch America’s Pastime - a celebration of thoughtfulness and skill which both celebrates the individual and the team with a deep tradition of family values. That skill level is why there are very few football players that can play baseball but many more baseball players that can play football.


One of the best pieces to explore and deride the overuse of the military at sporting events was in the American Conservative a few years ago. Prescient and still relevant.
“Nowhere is the tendency towards monetizing meaningless bromides about national security more evident than in professional sports, particularly the National Football League.“