Discussion: Next Stop For Rob Ford: Rehab

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280 pounds of fuck-up.

Addiction is a nasty thing, made much nastier by “liberals” who don’t understand it.

Good on him for getting help.

Love to see phony cons picking inane fights over losing battles.


It is good that Ford is, at last, seeking treatment, but I doubt a thirty day stay will be sufficient. It is my understanding that meth and coke have a much different effect on the brain than alcohol, and even among those with strong dedication to rehab, recovery is difficult. He will also probably find that furthering a career in a stressful job is not conducive to an easy path in rehabilitation. I hope he succeeds, not because I like his politics, but because he and his family are suffering, and because recovery will probably change his politics.

Your comment is ridiculous.
Being liberal has nothing to do with understanding recovery. Most people in recovery become kinder gentler people, and they tend to be liberals, but not always. Lots of conservatives get sober, but if they were mean, they lose that characteristic.

A lot like phony “liberals” acting like Awholes.

Take a closer look at the user name of the person I was replying to.

There. Fixed it for you.