Discussion: Newt Gingrich Is Not Mad At Mitt Romney At All, Nope (AUDIO)

Gingrich, since you’re one of the people who greatly advanced the decadence of this country and helped bring us to this point, I’d like to invite you to drop dead. You’ll never be the savior of Western Civilization you imagined yourself as, actually you’re a huge net loss to it, but your going “poof” would help the cause. Just a thought.


What fools they all are. As I’ve said elsewhere I work for a Trump clone, and have done so for 15 years, so this is all so incredibly familiar to me. Trump LOVES this! The drama. The infighting and he holds the power to reward or not. The puppet master. Then Trump plays savior to whomever he chooses, he badmouths them all and they dont’ seem to get that. He doesn’t give a damn about any of them or the country - its a moments entertainment, rather like the toy in a Happy Meal, until the next thing comes along to pull his attention. Then he’ll get all in the details of that and micro manage or tweet storm and leave things half done, half decided, contradicting the last thing he said or did. These are going to be the longest and hairiest 4 years for America.


Petty Pouty Pouffy Boy - thanks for confirming all the poor opinions I had about you.


Romney comes off as weak and pathetic. He’s wealthy - he doesn’t need this yet here he is; bending over backwards to appease the Yam. As soon as he got the call the at he was being considered for SoS for the Pepe administration he should have told the person on the other end to fuck off. Instead he’s sucking up harder than a brand new Dyson.

No way would I trust him to be a good effective SoS. He has no resolve and seems like he’d be just a puppet whose strings are being pulled. I think he’s a coward


Step 1, Make Mitt apologize for all the true things he said about The Donald.
Step 2, The Donald thanks Mitt for saying nice things about him.
Step 3, Drag Mitt along on The Donald’s victory tour to say good things about The Donald.
Step 4, Don’t announce the new Secretary of State till Jan. 13.
Step 5, Nominate somebody other than Mitt.

The perfect payback by the Donald.


Frogs legs are good. I didn’t realize the were elitist.

I had grown up thinking frog legs was sort of an elitist food. I guess I was wrong. I tried them when I worked in Chinatown as a younger person. I dont like to work so hard to extract the edible part of my meal from the bony structure, in this case a three dimensional bony structure, but that’s just me and my Latino male older child laziness probably.

Anyway, after that bitter whine, at least we know who can hold down Breitbart while Bannon is working as the PEOTUS’s strategist. Because once presidents are governing, what they really need is a strategist. For the Strategery thing.

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Oh FFS! Newt is in no position to mock or deride anyone for being elitist - didn’t he have to pay an outstanding credit account at f*cking Tiffany’s - something like $500k - before one of his runs for president? (sorry, I don’t pay enough attention to keep count of how many times Newty has tried for that office.)

I wouldn’t be so sure that Pepe has Mittens bending over backwards


Poor Mitt - thought the line of succession was President - Vice President - Secretary of State.


I didn’t know that either (and they are good) though the shape of them does tend to creep out some.

I grew up in what was at the time a rural area in the mid-Atlantic. Farm kids gigged frogs with trident-style spearheads on poles you could buy in any farm supply or sporting-goods store, or they just walked around ponds in the evening shooting them with .22s. Poor people don’t overlook sources of protein that raise themselves and are easy to catch. But cuisses de grenouilles are associated with France and anything associated with France is elitist in certain people’s view, even if much of the classic cuisine is a refinement of poor people’s food. (Coq au vin is just a way to make a tough old rooster edible.) Gingrich is pandering because he’s all about the lower third of the political arts. The upper bits, where you make good policy, are not of interest to his fat ass.

The typical butter and garlic sauce doesn’t hurt. Damn, getting hungry…


I see what you did there.

Poor Mitt - thought the line of succession was President - Vice President - Secretary of State.

So did Al Haig.


“I can’t wait to talk to Reince and find out exactly how a guy of his background worked his way through the menu.”

Reince does not believe in supplementing his evening beer meal with food. His is a no food diet, so whatever was on the menu was irrelevant save the back page “Fine German Beer and Spirits” selections.

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Thanks for the explanation. On the Army base in Puerto Rico where we lived for most of my elementary school years, the residential areas were separated from the Base’s perimeter fences by several miles of wild growing weed lands ( or pastizal in Spanish). Every year during the rainy season as the ground saturated, dozens of large bullfrogs would emerge from the weeds and populate our yards and playing fields.
Not being of your tradition, the local youth mostly did horrible things to the bullfrogs and the smell of their decomposing bodies became part of the rainy season environment. But rural PR folks also took advantage of any source of protein before WW2 when meat became more accessible. Which leads me to believe that the Bullfrogs, like the feral Mongooses which inhabited the Army base weedlands, were probably imported. The Mongooses were brought from India, apparently, to kill the harmless native Puerto Rico snakes which would scare the living daylights out of folks working in the sugar cane fields. The Mongoose eradicated the indigenous snake species and then required decades of eradication efforts. So, not having seen huge bullfrogs any where else growing up on the island, I wonder if they were also an import. Maybe an unintentional one.

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he’s a waste of air. and he sucks up a lot of it. hold your breath newtster.




Yes. That was Calista’s bill. The claim was made that this was partly a gift in the form of an interest-free loan from a lobbyist for Newt who was on the Agriculture Committee, but the claim was refuted by Newt’s campaign who said that Tiffany’s was lobbying the House Natural Resources Committee, not Agriculture… and that the terms of the free interest were no different than what 1,000 other customers were granted.

You are right. Does not mean he is not an elitist though.



Tiffany’s bosh…my $500K bill is from Harry Winston. :grin:

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