Discussion: Newspaper Editor Wants To Verify That Sources Stand By Report About Okla. Deputy's Training

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Bizarre. This story keeps getting stranger.

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Isn’t the time to verify sources BEFORE one hits the submit button?

This is why it’s a bad idea to run with stories that cite “anonymous sources”. People can say anything - and I suspect sometimes knowingly planting false info so that entire case against someone can be disregarded.

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“What a nice little home you have here. Be a gol-darned shame if sum-thin was to happen to it.”


The sources were verified by the reporters before publishing. They remain anonymous for personal reasons, but anonymous sources (“who aren’t authorized to speak…”) are a frequent feature of many storys.

The timing of this sounds hinky, but perhaps it isn’t.


Bizarre? Maybe. Reminds me when Dan Rather ran a story about George W being AWOL a lot whilst a fly-boy in the Natl Guard or the Reserves or whatever, & quoted some document which could not be substantiated. The smoke screen laid down by the Rethuglican campaign obliterated the truth, which was that Geo W was absent more than he was present. But with all that smoke, Rather got journalistically cremated. In this instance, the bottom line is that damned fool 73-year-old OLD GOAT (I’m 71 - I’m entitled!) had NO BLOODY BUSINESS playing cops & robbers. Just because he was politically connected, donated money, was a buddy of the sheriff & was a wannabe, he should have been home . . . instead of murdering some guy who didn’t deserve to wake up dead!


Crank up the wingnut rage machine: IT’S THE DAMN MEDIA THAT KEEPS BLAMING INNOCENT WHITE MEN OF WANTONLY KILLING BLACK MEN. The fact that a 73 year-old former insurance executive, lacking any sort of actual training, supposedly “reached for his taser” but inadvertently grabbed a gun, instead, and didn’t “realize” the difference? Piffle. Those MORANs iN tHe mEDiA HAvE in FOR tHe dOwnTrodDEn, EndAnGerED WHITE MAN.*

Sigh. Rinse. Repeat.

*Apologies to Eustace for borrowing some style.


I thought the reporters had sources they wanted to keep secret.
Even so something festers in Tulsa and not just at the Tulsa paper.


And the taser was supposedly inside his jacket while the pistol was at his belt. And still he “made a mistake”. It wasn’t as if the two weapons were next to each other exactly…


I’m sure the sources are accurate. Did you see that lying police chief? He’s clearly prevaricating.


What I want to know is why in the hell isn’t fox news ever held for their fucked up standards.

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This is extremely misleading. The reporters who wrote the story and others were all planning to leave the paper for another news agencies. It happens all of the time and doesn’t mean they were fired for faking a news story or not backing up their sources. They stand by their sources and they verified before the story went to press.


It is interesting that a high standard of veracity is applied to a local newspaper, while CNBC, a sell-side bullshit machine for financial disinformation, gets away with pretty much any made-up stuff. For example, the nativist anti-immigration, anti-EU True Finns party scored another upset in the Finnish parliamentary elections, which CNBC associate producer Dhara Ranasinghe reported as an indication that Greece would have to leave the euro (the so-called Grexit): http://www.cnbc.com/id/102600426 . This exclusive story, not reported anywhere else, caused unnecessary vibration in European financial markets. Six hours later, CNBC comes out with a “Just kidding, folks!” walkback of the item: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102602245 .

Apparently, format determines the standard of reporting expected. Instead of trying to report solid news, just run anything through the wood chipper and offer “broken news,” show it being put though the wood-chipper and call it “breaking news”, or just put any made-up bullshit out there, reel it back and call it “braking news.”


Anyone who’s ever handled a case involving the crap ex-employers do when their employees leave to go to a competing business can translate this easily: we’re pissed off that they apparently spent weeks plotting to compete with us and that makes us furious so we want to screw up their chances of getting a Pulitzer and generally trash their resumes and reputation if we can.


That’s actually pretty logical. Didn’t think of it that way.

The reporters sources claims from day one were said to not be accurate that training records show the reserve deputy passed and that no records were falsified.

OMFG! You mean to tell me that government officials whose underlings are accused of wrongdoing by a paper deny they engaged in wrongdoing and attack the veracity of anonymous sources? Why that’s practically unheard of! Stop the presses! Prepare a fulsome apology and retraction for page one, above the banner!

If the story if false, simply present all of the training and certification records. I don’t understand what the issue (in not doing so) is…

They do not exist? Or were falsified? Sheriffs office says they can not release the records because this incident is under investigation…

Coincidence doesn’t equal causation. Until I see more I’m leaving it open…but I have to say that some of what Bates and his lawyer have offered don’t quite pass the smell test.