Discussion: New York Daily News Declares Trump 'Dead Clown Walking'

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Awaiting Trump tweeting about this. I’m savoring his loss. Anyone else? :slight_smile:


The schaden in my freude is at a new high.


It is just the first pin prick into his hot air ballon. It may not come crashing down but the air is being let out and the inevitable destination is down.


Guess Drumpf is realizing that Twitter followers don’t translate into votes.


How did that Wasilla Kardashian endorsement work out for you, Donnie?


I’d bet half of his twitter followers are the media.


I’m savoring the loss. And the silence. He’s brazened it out after giant failures many times before, and you’d think he’d be getting used to it. But hours and hours of silence from this jackass’s normally constant braying—it’s amazing what a relief it is. It’s not the end, of course, but it’s something like the Doolittle raid, a huge morale booster, you know, one in his eye just for starters.


Upside: Trump lost.
Downside: Cruz won.


Upside: Drumpf goes nuclear on Cruz. Bloodbath in Republican party good news for November.


I had said he would fade, it just took a little longer. And I also agreed a few months ago with Nate Silver, who said Rubio would probably end up as the nominee, and I still think that will happen. Remember Rick Santorum won Iowa in 2012. So Trump the nut could not even win the nut vote. And over time Rubio will probably overtake Cruz too.

Pity, I was hoping Trump would be the nominee, he stands no shot in the general election.


The Koch Bros are breathing a small sigh of relief, since this result might indicate they don’t have to commit a bunch of their money to an anti-Trump campaign.

Love the historical analogy. If nothing else, for the moment it stops the narrative of the invincible Trump barrelling his way to the nomination. It also calls into question the notion that the alleged hordes of formerly disengaged non-voters that Trump has excited will be enough to bring him the prize.


Gosh, who to feel sorrier for??? Trump or the media? The NYDN is a lone beacon in the trumpian wilderness of super winners, augmented boobs and gold-encrusted jets this youge Groundhog morn after mighty Casey’s defeat.
I’m imagining the progressive Behemoth is so vast shrinking old media just can’t see it past the still hopping field of Republican jumping beans…
That Melania Trump sure like solids…white…red…Donald.

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Yeah, it´s a pity. However, the NYDN cover may be just the prompt and challenge to his ego necessary for him to go full bore back into his campaign. Or at least we can hope :wink:


German lesson: it’s actually the Freude (joy) in the Shaden (harm) that’s at a new high.

And for those who prefer the non-German equivalent, your vocabulary word for the day is epicaricacy. See how many times you can slip it into casual conversation without being greeted by a blank stare.


“Upside: Trump lost.
Downside: Cruz won.”

Yes. On the other hand Rubio against either Dem would be much more formidable than the two you mention.

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Clown libel!

Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark. Makes the President’s correspondents dinner remarks seem quaint. Donnie might be able to buy some votes, but he can’t buy class and he can’t buy the emotional salve to fix a burn like this.


OT…But has anyone heard from David Brooks today? He just may have fapped himself to death over Marco’s 3rd place finish. I haven’t seen anyone that excited over a losing finish since Chuck Toad swooned (and couldn’t ~blush!~ stand up for 10 min for fear of embarrassment) over Mittens’ loss in Iowa four years ago.