Discussion: New Report: No Crime Committed In Mississippi Courthouse Caper (READ)

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Of course, since there are no white criminals in the entire state of MS from certain quarters. Those still fighting Northern Aggression and for the Confederacy.

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They went in after the courthouse was closed, to watch the counting of the ballets. Without calling ahead to make sure the ballets were still being counted… um Okay

And “the door was locked” … um Okay

“All ballets accounted for” … um Okay

Did anyone check bank accounts on all sides for “interesting cash deposits” … ???


No body, no crime. Of course, they could have killed someone. But if a body falls in the woods and nobody else is there, and if you have a 5th Amendment protection against compulsion to incriminate yourself, you can just go ahead and be a dumbass getting locked in a public building, trying to make people more comfortable with distractingly suspicious behavior.

I don’t understand how the Fire Department and building inspectors could allow a building to be completely locked to no allow people inside to exit the building. Laws require that there be door hardware that locks from the outside but will allow people inside to open a door.


[Constable Jon Lewis, a McDaniel supporter,] “dispatched the tea party members to the Hinds County because there was no representation from the tea party to monitor the election process at the Hinds County Courthouse.” Lewis also told the District Attorney that the trio got into the courthouse through the west side door, “where it was known by some that this door did not work properly and that one could access entry into the courthouse.”

This is just a tad confusing. Where was Lewis when this “dispatching” was going on? If he was on duty at the courthouse, he would be aware that the counting was over and the building was locked. Lack of cars in the parking lot and night lights only inside the building would kind have been a giveaway. Was he on duty or was he elsewhere? If he was on duty, wouldn’t he notice when they didn’t come out again? On duty there or not, why would he direct anyone to the malfunctioning door by the dumpster under any circumstances? Was it really malfunctioning, because it seems to have locked itself just fine after they passed inside.

no video recording although the courthouse is equipped with video surveillance, including the west side of the door in question;

So “malfunctioning” door and malfunctioning video. Uh-huh.

Election Commissioner Connie Cochran has given statements that no tampering occurred because the office and vault was locked before she left the office of the Election Commission

Personally, I find it entirely plausible that the vault door was also “malfunctioning.” I don’t suppose the helpful local law folks dusted for fingerprints inside or outside that vault? This scenario makes Mayberry look like the epitome of modern legal investigation.

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Perhaps Mississippi has a lax fire code like Texas?

If you eliminate the element of this not being a dwelling house of another, this could be common law burglary. As it is it could be common law breaking and entering. Does the local DA just not wish to prosecute?

this is mississhitty so when a crime is commited by one of those good ole boys its…nothin ta see here folks just move along