Discussion: New Poll Shows Trump Facing Historic Gap Among Young Voters

Young, old, black, white, brown, red…

It would also appear that this would include Donnie’s spawn, as they have disappeared off the face of the earth (thankfully!)


College educated men and women of all political stripes favor Hillary. Only uneducated white men support Mr. Drumpf. I think it is going to be uglier for Mr. Drumpf than the polls seem to suggest.


“Lower even than the 32% of the vote that the Gallup Organization calculates Richard Nixon received among 18-to-29-year-old voters in 1972.”

During the draft.

In the middle of the Vietnam War.

With protesters in the streets.


Even my 12 year old recognizes Trump to be dangerous idiot…


“Trump successfully wooed 11 percent of Sanders’ supporters, and another 11 percent say they will not vote in the election.”
That first 11% is just mental.
The second 11% is distressing; the dangers of a personality cult, of false equivalences, of a news media endlessly in pursuit of ‘balance’ and too lazy to do much besides surf a narrative.


I’d like to see some stable numbers on the percentage of Sanders’ supporters going for Hillary. This poll says 72%, whereas I have seen the figure 90% on several occasions. That’s a pretty big discrepancy.


And images of flagged-draped caskets on the TV, every goddamned night.


My experience with millennials is anecdotal (I work with them and have two sons/their friends in that group.) Most were Bernie supporters who considered Trump a clown whose candidacy would never be taken seriously. However, now that the Democratic convention is over and they’ve come to terms with Hillary being the nominee, they are frightened of the impact of a Trump presidency on their future. They are becoming pro-Hillary in their rhetoric and outright support. Some will still stay home (which is sad), but a substantial percentage are finding their anti-Trump voice.


Trump polls with less than 5% support among Blacks. Hillary is up around 2 to 1 with Hipanics. The college educated favor Clinton. Now this youth poll. It speaks volumes to the sad state of the nation that even down that far to those voter groups Trump is within a few points of Clinton. There must be a helluva big number of poorly educated white bigots, homophobes, misogynists and xenophobes out there for Trump to poll roughly 40% fairly consistently.

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First, this poll is of voters aged 18-35 only. Second, the margin of error for the whole sample was 4.6%. So the margin of error for the subset of the sample who were Bernie supporters in the primary must be quite a lot higher.

So, not really a “discrepancy” so much as measuring different things. And in this case, probably not that accurately.


Plus 4 dead at Kent State and 2 at Jackson State.


Trump is destined to become that which he seemingly despises (and fears) the most, i.e. a loser. So be it.


To say that made a big impression on me at the time would be an enormous understatement.

Near as my young brain could figure out, our government had gone absolutely nuts, murdering innocent people here at home because those people were against murdering innocent people overseas.

Now, of course, I realize it was more complicated than that. And yet, in a way, not really.


When asked presidential preference between the two major-party candidates, Millennial voters preferred Clinton, 56-20.

Even Fox News is saying: dude, you’ve got a problem.

And John McCain is officially passing his “You kids…get off my lawn!” lifetime achievement award to Trump.


When McCaskill beat Akin I remember seeing young women line up at my polling place in numbers never experienced in any other election. They were shocked and frightened by Akin.

I have been wondering if Trump will drive young people to the polls. Remember polls are weighted based on experience in previous elections. Trump is not your average Republican candidate. A lot of young people find him downright scary. If they come out to vote, they might just surprise down ballot Republicans who rely almost exclusively on the Fox demographic.


The only good thing is that 2nd 11% probably doesn’t usually vote at all or if they do it’s for a 3rd party, so not much change really.


Yes, good points.


Yes, but a large number find him positively dreamy.

A number of times I’ve seen accounts of Trump’s popularity in the ‘rust belt’ where tens of thousands have lost industrial jobs as factories move to Mexico, China etc. They live in a chronically depressed economy and despair has set in. Trump speaks like a dictator: He will single-handedly renegotiate all those ‘deals’ that sent assembly plants south of the border. He does that you know, he makes Deals. It’s what they desperately want to hear; and desperate people aren’t noted for critical thinking.
There’s much talk about how the media right created this monster. But truth be told, much of the suffering that leads to all this was created by those (including William Jefferson Clinton) who drank the free-trade cool-aid back in the 90s. It was a time when ‘modern’ thinkers mostly bought into to the free trade narrative.