Discussion: New Pentagon Policy Requires Most People To Serve In Their Birth Gender

It was already clear from the Obama years that there is simply no pleasing Republicans, even if you adopt policies they came up with, and that therefore it is irrational to compromise your principles in the hope of building a bipartisan consensus. The Trump years now teach us that, once we are back in power, we must proceed at ramming speed and respond to rightwing outbursts by passing a still more partisan, progressive laws, thereby dissipating the outbursts about the last move and finally exhausting the opposition. There is simply no political downside to it. Any moderation will in any case be misrepresented as radical leftism.


I think the military does not want to pay for the transition operations. There’s also the required time off for the operation and recovery. The military also has to provide mental health services. At the end of the day, the costs are not all that great in the scope of the military budget. I think conservatives just hate to have the taxpayer pay for the surgeries and etc.
From a great NYT article:

James N. Stewart, a senior Pentagon official, testified that transgender troops were more prone to mental health issues than other troops, and that when they transition, medical treatments can make them nondeployable for months — factors that he said would make recruits ineligible to serve if they stemmed from other kinds of pre-existing health conditions.

Then this:

The cost and disruption associated with surgery is a chief complaint of critics, but the RAND study estimated that those factors would be negligible, with fewer than 200 active troops transitioning per year at a total cost of less than $10 million. In interviews, troops who have transitioned said they tried to time their surgical procedures for scheduled lulls in unit activity, and sometimes put them off because of deployments or demanding work assignments.

Google this headline for the rest of the article:
Transgender Troops Caught Between a Welcoming Military and a Hostile Government


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