Discussion: New Mueller Indictment: Russian Hackers Stole Info Of 500,000 Voters

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But only 499,999 of those were registered as Democrats, right?


”According to the indictment, the personal information of approximately 500,000 voters was stolen in a July 2016 hack, led by a Russian military officer…”

This was a military attack on the United States.

Now will the press, pundits, and media darlings knock off the “Russian meddling” euphemism?

They may not have used bullets, tanks, and missiles – or even box cutters and airplanes.

But they pulled off a military coup at the top.

And they had help from a Fifth Column of GOP traitors in our midst…


the personal information of approximately 500,000 voters was stolen in a July 2016 hack, led by a Russian military officer, of an unnamed state’s board of elections website… the Illinois’ voter registration database, where officials said that fewer than 200,000 voter files were infiltrated.

Yep, and every minority in our country is being made the patsy.



the indictment said — used some of the infrastructure they used to hack the state board of elections to hack the computers of a U.S. company, known as Vendor 1, that “supplied software used to verify voter registration information for the 2016 U.S. elections.”

In my opinion, this is how they plan to fuck with the 2018 election as well. Fuck with voter registration rolls. Its galling that our own gov’t hasn’t done a fucking thing to protect the vote because the assholes running tRump’s midterm Republican strategy think it still politically beneficial to them if they let Russia continue to pull the strings. Sadly, they’re probably right.

Trumpsters have no concern with being attacked by a foreign power just so long as they manage to come out on top. The minute that calculus looks to be in jeopardy, they’ll be falling all over themselves to get to the bottom of this. Until then…this is what our elections and national security have come down to…Pure Partisan Bullshit with that special fascist flare.

Typical Pukes. Party over Country. The GOP with their corrupt ways will become extinct at some point, but not before they tear down everything this country stands for first.


OT, but as a welcome indictment day, do we have @antisachetdethe to thank for yet another indictment-inducing flight?

Haven’t been seen around these parts lately?



One might entertain a slight suspicion that would be enough to influence an election.

For President.

Of the United States.


Not to mention Congressional offices.

Just Sayin’.


Remember that old news, about Christopher Steele’s document? Here’s one piece of it:


Russia is and has been at war with the USA for a long time.


Yeah, we have been wondering. Hope everything is okay with him…


Tena says he’s OK and taking a break.


I wish we could steal the information of Russian voters and hack their elections.

But Vlad would probably still win with 129% of the vote

The sane thing to do.


I haven’t talked to him since April but that’s when he told me he was taking a break.

I assume everything is still ok.


For that matter, the Republicans have been at war with the USA for a long time. No wonder they are the perfect allies.


This WH is stuck on stupid:

There is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result.

DHS and other parts of the administration have admitted there was hacking and attempts to affect the election. Whether those attempts were successful is besides the point. This is nothing more than trying to prop up tRump’s legitimacy, and the more the WH buries its head in the sand, the worse this is going to get for everyone.


“In a small number of states, Russian-affiliated cyber actors were able to gain access to restricted elements of election infrastructure.

Just say secure election systems, we’re adults, we know what happened.

In a small number of states, these cyber actors were in a position to, at a minimum, alter or delete voter registration data,” the committee said.

21 states isn’t a small amount. Altering or deleting registration data prevents those people from casting a vote. And “at a minimum” implies far worse and far more happened than they’re willing to tell us (somewhat understandably, because if they definitively say the 2016 election was hacked and stolen, there’s going to be a fucking revolution in this country).

And if anyone thinks 500,000 voter’s info is a lot, it’s a drop in the buck from the “accidental” leak of voter info on 198 million voters by a GOP contractor in 2017.


Years ago I represented a client in a case tangentially involving a major provider of electronic voting machines. What I learned about the machines and the political persuasions and practices of the company owners really worried me, and that was before all of this.

In Texas, we have no paper trail for our votes. The only evidence you even voted is the machine saying “thank you for casting your ballot.” I leave the polling place — every damn time — hoping and praying that no one intentionally or unintentionally screws the system and destroys the election process. And yet, no one in Texas seriously discusses changing our physical voting system.


But but but Putin denies it …


Wouldn’t it be loverly if this is under SC investigation too?