Discussion: New Media Guru Clay Shirky Drops 'Stop Trump' Tweetstorm On White Liberals

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Excellent points, but this shows the downside of the Twitterverse. These Tweets would have been much more impactful if written in one article.


A message which focuses so single-mindedly on the issue of whiteness—liberal or not—is not a winning one.
There has got to be a better, more inclusive way of speaking about race.
If I were a white man or woman who was worse off today than 10 years ago (as can be the case for people of any race), talk of “white privilege” would not get my vote.


It appears that Clerk Dirky or whatever it is is the world’s biggest concern troll.

The whole damn speech was one big lie, Clay.


If that’s a “new media guru”, then I guess I am one, too!


Good points, but I don’t know how effective it’ll be outside the twitterverse. If he can convince even 100 disaffected voters to get out and vote though, good on him.


75% of the “whites” in the Tweets could have been replaced with “Americans.” The overall good points would have been made, but made in a way to be more inclusive.

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You win!


Heyo superior types: Clay is a very big name to those who know of him - has been for decades. And he’s not naturally a liberal ally. So don’t fucking bite his ankles. We’re lucky to have him join the crusade against Demon Trump.

And yes, this has to be a crusade. We can’t be too politically correct when going after evil of Trump’s magnitude.


From his Wiki bio (I know, it’s wiki, but I’m feeling lazy this afternoon)

He has a joint appointment at New York University (NYU) as a Distinguished Writer in Residence at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and Assistant Arts Professor in the New Media focused graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP).

As a “Distinguished Writer In Residence,” he is probably capable of writing complete articles. Perhaps he should take off the “new media” hat and put on the “distinguished writer” hat.


It’s weird because a lot of his writing is about building an online community. One of the major ideas is that you want to convince people they should want to do something notforced into it or imposed upon. Would seem to be violating his precepts here with this rant.

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He’s 100% right. Every fucking tweet. Deal with it.


We can dismiss his message or talk about how he could be more inclusive but there is a whole lot of truth in what he wrote. And it really does hinge on “white rage”.

I don’t think Trump will win but I do think he’ll get a “surprising” bump from his speech. It is easy for us to dismiss it but there were enough moments in his speech (like his stumble through pronouncing the letters LGBTQ) where folks who were on the fence can now pat themselves on the back and say, “see, he is inclusive too and so am I.” It’s BS, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves about how easy this election will be and Trump’s whole strategy is to get enough white folks to think he’s the answer to push him over the top in OH, MI, PA, WI, etc.


You’re a perfect example of the trivial ankle-biting response that’s so distracting from the total war required to defeat the Trumpists. Yeah, Clay does long-form. Does that mean short-form, for an audience who isn’t you but does follow him, is wrong?


I’m retweeting and going to follow his advice. Get out the vote, call…


Notice that I wrote that these Tweets would have been more impactful in article form and that he raised excellent points. Not once did I write that what he had Tweeted was wrong.


I am not in the business of biting our allies’ ankles, I was just scolding someone else for that.

You are right.

mea culpa for calling him a concern troll.


Oh jeez, just pay attention to the electoral college and 538. Clinton has a 75% chance of winning. If she wins Floriduh, Trump has no chance.


There is an upside to the Twitterverse?


I’ve been paying too much attention. It has dwindled to below 60%.