Discussion: New Hampshire GOPers Are Making Their Own Version Of Rep. King's Summit

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“top tier potential GOP candidates”? Peter King and Ben Carson wouldn’t be in that tier. Rick Santorum came in 2nd in 2012. Would Daniel Strauss put him in that tier? Rick Perry came in 5th in IA and 6th in NH and dropped out before SC. Would he be “top tier”?

It’s nice that Iowa and New Hampshire continue to play such a big part in our political life because they are very representative of America in 2015.

Goody. Hope top tier candidate Palin loses the teleprompter in favor of a pre-recorded speech that she lip syncs to keep her on-script.

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First in the National Republican Leadership Summit

That would be the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit, or, as I like to think of it,

The Whiter Shade of Pale Summit: A Celebration of Republican Diversity

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Each state should host such an event if only so that we can get a good opportunity to see these candidates in action. With a little planning, each candidate could give fifty speeches in the course of the next nine or ten months and then the debates could begin. Wouldn’t want to deprive any of these stalwart conservatives the exposure they deserve.

Steady on. New Hampshire does rather better than average in its representation in Congress - three women, one man; two D’s, two R’s. And the Democratic governor is also a woman. No question we’ve got some RWNJ’s lurking around in Concord, but we try to keep them at home. Senator Kelley Ayotte ® and Rep. Frank Guinta ® combined couldn’t lay a glove on either Iowa’s Senator(really?) Joni Ernst or Steve King for teh crazy.

Oh I agree, NH is leap years ahead of Iowa, but it is still a predominantly white and fairly rural state. That’s not really representative of America today.

Is it really a good idea to get that much crazy in such a small space ? Just askin’

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“All comers welcome”…

Be gettin’ kinda messy up in there.

NH has had its crazies. Back in the 70’s there was Gov. Meldrim Thompson who wanted the state to have its own nuclear weapons and the publisher of the Union Leader William Loeb who called Henry Kissinger a kike on the front page of the paper.