Discussion: New Felony Charge Added Against Mississippi Blogger Clayton Kelly

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I hope he learns his lesson… in prison.

He’s a pathetic, monstrous little man.

EDIT: I hope he squeals on whoever put him up to this heinous act.


I’d sure like to know what kind of n0rp he has on his pooter.

Or not. I bet he’s into the really disgusting, out-there stuff.

Looks more like a meth-head than a blogger.

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please, no prison rape “jokes”, folks.

(even if they weren’t disgusting and obnoxious, jokes about potential cellmates named Bubba are not exactly original any longer…)


Hopefully they’re piling on the charges to get him to flip on his Brietbart cohorts.


If you never witness a MS bumpkin on a log, this is it. A state time passed over and children are homeschooled to ensure the time bubble.

For that matter, they never learned to pick cotton.


I think it’s time to say good bye to freedom for a few years for this arrogant over-privileged white guy. He’s obviously one of the dumbest “bloggers” in the nation, too.


this is what happens when your reality distortion bubble crashes into the brick wall of reality. Did he really think using a severely disabled old lady as a political pawn in his profoundly stupid plot would win him sympathy and praise? Why, yes he did.


James O’Keefe was his role model.


At some point, I hope this guy will explain what made him think a photo of Thad Cochran’s elderly wife, suffering from severe long-term dementia, would help his candidate win the primary.

UPDATE: Aha! Just found this online http://www.clarionledger.com/story/news/2014/05/19/wife-attorney-say-blogger-pawn/9309747/

Clayton (“I was a pawn, I tells ya!”) Kelly is married and his wife is on video explaining.

“Constitutional Clayton” looks like a blogger who would still be living in his mother’s basement if she hadn’t kicked him out.

I don’t know if that is actually the case but I’d bet that’s basically it. He saw O’Keefe getting lots of attention for his exposés and wanted to get in on that too.

I don’t think he’ll do time for this if this is a first offense.

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Of course he did. He is a Republican dealing with his peers. Reality killed his buzz but good.

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Apparently the McDaniel campaign was trying to make a case that Cochran was having an affair with the executive assistant on his staff, and I guess somebody thought this would make Cochran look like Mr. Rochester with the crazy wife in the attic trying to take another wife on the sly. But they sort of forgot that Rochester is a tragically heroic figure in Jane Eyre.

If Cochran were Newt Gingrich or John McCain, he’d have divorced his ailing wife long ago. I give the guy credit for staying married, and I’m willing to cut him a little slack if he’s looking for companionship elsewhere.


Sadly, that’s probably true.

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Not buying it. “Egged on by anonymous sources” could mean anything, up to and including Hugh Everett in one of his many sock-puppet guises. This guy’s just smart enough to breath and use the can by himself, but not much more. I think he believed he’d be let into RW Welfare Heaven if he got this “scoop”, but I sincerely doubt Breitbart (or whoever) used him and set him up as a patsy.

“Looking for companionship elsewhere” in a truly tragic situation like that is perfectly understandable, and many decent people do it, even with the blessing of their kids. For all we know, Mrs. Cochran gave her blessing, too, before the dementia fully engulfed her mind. This was a cruel intrusion on the Cochrans’ private life. I too give Cochran credit for staying married. Not that I’d vote for him if I (shudder) were forced to live in Mississippi.


Presumably we’ll get the whole story eventually, even it’s simply about a dumber-than-spit blogger who saw a chance to be a rightwing hero by exploiting an elderly woman with severe dementia.

I bet he claims to be one of those “law and order” types too.

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