Discussion: New Emails Show Pruitt Aide Used Work Time, EPA Email To Find Housing For Pruitt

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Seriously!?!? How many more scandals can this clown endure?? It is way past time for his ouster, and his mis-management of the EPA is literally destroying the planet each day he remains in office.


The Trump admin is full of liars, cheats, con men, grifters, chiselers, snake oil salesmen and, dare I say it, traitors.

Register people to vote. Get to the polls. The GOP is NOT doing their jobs- it is up to us.


“Personal time” is the new “executive time”.


The only thing newsworthy about Pruitt any more is if he were to do something that wasn’t complete douchebaggery.



In the first sentence, I think ‘mislead’ should be ‘misled.’

ETA–Or better yet, ‘lied to.’


Pruitt: It’s my understanding that I could ask my staff to do anything that would enhance my productivity at the office.

Trump: So? Scott Pruitt is doing everything he can to roll back job-killing regulations and I have total confidence in him. Total.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: President Trump thinks Secretary Pruitt is doing a fine job and he feels that if the media spent as much time reporting the good things he is continually doing for the American people instead of writing clickbait gotcha articles and hosting all-democrat and never-trump panels gratuitously trashing him personally and whipping up the rigged russia hoax, they would finally be seen as a friend of the American people instead of the enemy of the American people as all the polls and low ratings show on a daily basis.


I hope President Trump doesn’t discover that Secretary Pruitt has said he is smarter, better looking, and a more accomplished lover than Donald Trump.


By the way, this is on the same level of administrative mishap as Hillary and her emails. Except this might be a more clear example of wrongdoing.

The EPA IG and his team must be exhausted. Pruitt is a walking crime wave and federal ethics and regulatory violator extraordinaire. The IG has opened how many investigations into the head of the agency?

Regular EPA employees who want to engage in or are engaged in graft and other acts malfeasance and misfeasance have never had it better because the EPA’s sheriff is too busy policing the leader of the agency.

Yet the Pruitt is still coasting along in the calm swampy waters of the cheeto hitler. administration.


“it’s my understanding" is a very flexible standard with the added bonus of converting an obvious lie that was used to cover the violation of numerous regulations into a simple case of miscommunication.


The smoothness with which Pruitt and his friends settled in to steal from the EPA (while destroying it) suggests that there might be some interesting records back in Oklahoma if anyone were to figure out how to access them.


In a simpler, better time…

Was that wrong? Should I have not done that? I tell you, I gotta plead ignorance on this thing because if anyone had said anything to me at all when I first started here that that sort of thing was frowned upon, you know, ‘cause I’ve worked in a lot of offices and I tell you people do that all the time.


Yup. “Today, I plan to mislead you. Yesterday, I misled you.”

Of course, the past tense is pronounced “MY-zulled.” :wink:

ETA: Then again, if the sentence is actually about an unfortunate ammunition accident…

An all-time classic.


Just without the laugh track.

Worthy of a link.

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New publicly released emails show Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt may have mislead a Senate Appropriations subcommittee last month when he said that he had an aide, who is a “longtime friend,” help him find an apartment for him and his wife during her “personal time.”

Quel surprise. He’s one of these Trump-like fuckers who lies every time he opens his mouth. What would be shocking is if he actually told the truth about something.

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Republicans in charge of the the Senate Oversight Committee will do nothing. Its a given. IG report or none. Even if the IG says its an abuse of power, the recommendations will fall on deaf ears and it won’t matter. Republicans are in the tank for tRump, or should I say, they’re in the tank with tRump on all his bullshit appointees to head these federal agencies. They’re complicit in this corruption. You could say, they’re colluding with tRump if we want to be more accurate.

Vote these pricks out!

Its OK to say pricks, isn’t it so long as I don’t call them cunts? Right?


It makes me wonder what he was up to in the OK AG Office.