Discussion: New Christie Ad Says GOP Unification Is 'Profound Moral Duty' (VIDEO)

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Oh, they’re uniting, Chris. Just not behind you.


Oh they are, you just can’t see them…

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He’s a heel-er…

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Good luck there Governor Krispy Kreme…let me know how that tent-revival goes for you and your party of lunatics and arsonists.

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Waiting for the Christie-mentum to surge once Mr. Rotundo sweeps New Hampshire. Sure he will do well in South Carolina.

Ya gotta hand it to him though. He has been Mr. Teflon, despite all of the sewage flowing out of his tenure as “Governor”…sweetheart environmental dispute settlement with Exxon, giving away the state’s pension program to buddies, Bridgegate, millions in taxpayer dollars to pay for the lawyers to shield him, and on and on.

He’d be a GREAT President…

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Shorter Christie : “Stop picking on me!”

He can dish it out, but he can’t take it.


Sorry Christie…you can’t slime your way to good poll numbers by urging ‘unification’ in the GOP after attacking fellow Republicans. Oh I know…in your next ad you’ll accuse the President of ‘illegal’ executive actions and it will be all Hillary’s fault (and not one sitting Senator) of enabling Wall Street. Oh yeah.

All this shows is how Christ Christie is running scared. Love it. No wonder they hate him so much in his own party.

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The venal Chris Christie may do better than awful in NH, but where does he go after that? Next up are South Carolina, Nevada, and Florida before the big SEC primaries. In none of these places is Christie’s brand of bluster admired, nor does he seem to have any sort of organization in these states, who are much more inclined to favor the even more religious, and firebrand-ish sort of candidates like Cruz, and Trump.

He’s really an odious character out of a Dashiell Hammett novel, isn’t he?

The heel has no soul.

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This sort of rebuttal might actually do him some good… if he were a Democrat. Unfortunately for him, nasty and vile attacks are what the conservative base loves. They think it makes you “tough”.

This just means he’s ahead in the polls in New Hampshire. Because if he wasn’t, he’d be the first to attack.

The underlying message of the Christie campaign is how difficult it is to deal with morbid obesity.