Discussion: New Agers, Neo-Pagans Gather To Greet Solstice

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Conservatives have this idea, fueled by their talk shows, that all liberals are New Age tree humpers. I would like to take this opportunity to state that it is my considered opinion that New Age and “paganism” are religions, and therefore as full of baloney as Christianity, Islam, or any other myth.

The so-called Druids who hang around Stonehenge? Reality check, guys. There are no more Druids, and the ones who were there did not build Stonehenge.

Wicca only started in 1954. Nothing “ancient” about it.

Sure, you can call yourself a Sufi, a Navaho shaman, or a Jedi master. That doesn’t make you one.

Crystals, ear candles, numerology, Japanese blood typing–all they want is your money.

But hey. If it makes you happy, feel free. Like John said, whatever gets you through the night. Just don’t try and force your religion on me by rule of law.


I’m not big on the New Age stuff either. On the other hand I really like arugula.

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Truedat…but kombucha, I’ll pass. If I’m going to consume field rot, it should at least contain alcohol.

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No kombucha and no wheatgrass juice either, thanks. Blecchh.

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I think the pagans of that time drank some kind of fermented honey and/or apple cider which doesn’t sound as good as a martini, but perhaps as effective.
I’ve been to Stonehenge and nearby Avebury twice and loved both places.

I like arugula too, but rugulah is to die for! (unfortunately)

Eric, please do a follow-up report about the true believers who meet at Stonehenge for the winter solstice!

It is suggested that this marked the major ceremony at Stonehenge; the implied rebirth of the sun and dead souls linking Stonehenge and the nearby Woodhenge in a mutual rite.

Both are great, but rugalah (aka rugelach?) is way fattening. Pretty sure that was your point. : )

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The best thing about kombucha is the term SCOBY. The biology of it is much better than drinking it.

It was; and thanks for the spelling correction.