Discussion: Nevada GOPer: 'Straight-Up Castration' Of Pimps Would End Sex Trafficking

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Whoa. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.


I am by no means a legal expert, but I would have expected that the party that claims “defenders of the Constitution” status would be aware of what it says about “cruel and unusual punishment”.



It wouldn’t.

And I’ll tell ya, I’m getting sick of seeing that picture of this ugly cow and tired of hearing the stupid shit that flows from her mouth like it’s a damned sewer.


Straight up lobotomies would stop bad legislation.


Seems reasonable.

But maybe that’s just because it’s coming from a high-class dreamboat deep thinking sociopathologist. And to think they said there’d be no more Ghandis or MLKs!

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I got into an argument with someone about rape and they kept saying how castrating rapists would put an end to rape and I pointed out that it wouldn’t because many rapists use objects to rape their victims…plus the ability to get an erection is not completely dependent upon having testicles, and there are synthetic hormones…

Thing is, I recognize her from somewhere, just can’t remember where.


Kind of shocked a Republican is proposing to punish the man. How progressive.

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I wonder what the people out at the Mustang Ranch think about this. And what the Nevada gaming industry thinks about it. And what the Las Vegas visitors and convention bureau thinks about it.

Yeah. Rape is about dominance and violence, not sex. And the idea that castrating someone will stop them from making money is laughable at best.


I suggest she propose public hanging of the outtatowners caught soliciting prostitutes. That would be great for tourism.

It’s not the pimps having sex with the prostitutes and trafficked children. Maybe we should castrate wall street executives who defrauded the country? How about common thieves? Jaywalkers?

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How do these hateful, ignorant, no stupid, morons get into power and how do rational people fight against them? They seem to be everywhere!

I can’t not think about the late Divine when I see her.


For the love of FSM, stop giving this psychopath a national platform! She has no real power over anything, but her stupidity could be catching. Look at Sarah Palin. Most of us thought people would just laugh at her and she would go away because she was so stupid. But instead about 20% of the population followed her down the rabbit hole. This woman makes Sarah Palin look like Dr. Betty Crocker, so please do not drive our nation any further into psychotic behavior by giving her a platform!


I don’t think she understands the process, isn’t it drugs, sexual perversions and appetites of the johns that keep make the wheels go around? Many things would decrease sex trafficking but as long as there is profit in it, she is just a little too late.

I bet castrating Sheldon Adelson would decrease the sex trafficking too, because I bet those little girls and boys are probably used as that little extra something in his gambling casinos, along with the drugs also.

Oooo ooooh! Do I detect a bit of penis envy from the Assemblywoman?

I’d vote to give her a tubal ligation if it would end her trafficking in fuckery.

The difference between them and ISIS is ISIS has a code.

Agreed. Stories like these, and are there are too many on any given day lead to the conclusion that TPM is mostly trivia and not a serious source for news particularly from left world.

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