Discussion: Networks: Donald Trump Projected Winner Of New Hampshire Primary

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giving the Republican establishment a collective heart attack.

Take 2 aspirin … hold them between your knees… call me in the morning —


Trump winning is good news for the Dems.


Even the witch beat Carson. I guess he will be needing more clean clothes.


The headline should read more than 60% vote against Trump in Republican Ptimary.


But how did the robot do?

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Came in fifth with 9.8% of the vote, a little more than 3,000 votes at this writing. Even if the numbers change and they gain a few more, they’re all still losers to Trump.

I know one thing for sure, I am turning off the tv when they go to Trump’s victory speech.

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Well, if Trump can maintain his good lead in South Carolina, he’ll be tough to beat for the GOP nomination.


Progressive & Millennial wankers will rue this day…after laying the foundation for right-wing reactionaries to take over the government and wipe out Obama’s US social transformation.

I hope they choke on their vomits in 2017. The vile wickedness of HRC in the main-stream media will be studied for years to come.


It’s definitely a Netflix kind of night.

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Clinton will bounce back in South Carolina and Nevada.


Assumptions have a way of biting one in the ass.
I don’t want the GOP to win in the general election. That’s why I’m doing what I can locally to get the democrats out to vote.

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OK, so, with the race baiting Trump obviously comes in first in SC.

What do the rest of the early ones look like again?

That’s a very good point. HRC may have lost to Sanders in NH, but even she’s getting far more votes (assuming that d and R vote totals are about equal, which I don’t know at this point) than Trump.


The Ru-bot is in 5th behind Jeb … stick a fork on him. He’s done. In a contest dominated by Poppinjays & Guacamayas a simple talking parrot just wont do.


Kasich beating Cruz. Hmmm. Doesn’t make much difference anyway because Cruz will likely do very well in the evangelical South. Hillary, too, should do quite well in the South.

Are you gonna… netflix and chill? Are there gonna be hard wire, and a few cables?

(OK, I’ll stop now :wink: )

Absolutely. A Trump candidacy will get Dems out to vote wouldn’t it? Plus moderates won’t vote for Trump.

Norman… coordinate…