Discussion: Netanyahu Says Israel Will Not Cede Land To Palestinians

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I’m not leaving this apartment. I know, I haven’t paid rent in seven months, but I know that if I leave, Iranian-backed terrorists will move in. So any talk about my leaving is irrelevant.
Besides, the view rocks, and I like not paying rent. But that isn’t the reason, really. It’s because of Iran. And terrorists. Don’t forget the terrorists.


Netanyahu’s campaign theme: No hope.


Fine, Bibi.

We, the world, will take Israel back to the “original” borders, as defined in 1946. Then you will not have to “cede” anything.


I am so tired of this fear mongering liar and terrorist…I am sending $$$ to Herzog!


Yes, but will he cede Tibet to China?
The Ukraine and Kurdish territories-will he cede those?
While we’re at it, my neighbor has an acre and a half that abuts my property.
Would he cede that to me?


Exactly, I’m exhausted with this purple-haired asshole who seems to exist solely for the purpose of standing in the way of progress. And on an especially shallow note, when is someone going to point out that he and Kelly Osbourne are essentially rocking the same hair color?


I sense a bit of desperation here - this is a bald appeal to the Greater Isreal crowd. Of course his enablers in the GOP - who see terrorists under every bed - will cheer along, but I hope this attitude draws a strong condemnation from the President and Secretary Kerry.


So Bibi, Looks like you have now have only two choices left. Make everyone in Palestine an Israeli citizen with full voting rights. Or become apartheid South Africa, the legacy of Israel awaits your decision.


But remember, unless you hate 'Murkuh, the problem is the AY-rabs, not Israel.

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It’s so puzzling how they declare a statement “irrelevant” and expect the issue to go away. Bibi must have been bumping uglies with Rick Scott when he decided to ban the term “climate change”


If they did relegate Israeli Arabs to second class citizenship, they would LOSE the support of US Jewry, the US Congress except for right wing Republicans, and they would enhance the cause of jihadis everywhere.

He is the worst leader, so-called, I’ve heard of since his dumb neocon pals were in charge here.


A truly ugly image. Excuse me while I shower in hydrochloric acid.

No one could have seen that coming; blind sided by Bibi again. I was sure all those Israeli settlers were just on extended holiday, and wham, Bibi pulls the rug out. They were really there to stay all along but most believed otherwise. That guy is crafty. I’m sure he even surprised Dermer with that sleight of hand.

It is hard to be upset when the plan was clear all along. By ruling out a two state solution Bibi just welcomed 5 million new Israeli settlers to the fold. Now for his next trick, how to enfranchise these new Israeli’s without allowing them a single seat in the Knesset.


He seems to have chosen the latter some time ago.


I’m not so sure of that .The West Bank is de facto Israel. Here is a recent post in which I detail why Israel is already an apartheid state. This has been going on for a great long time with very quiet opposition.

I also recently posted about how Israelis and American Zionists have closed their eyes to the human rights abuses committed by Israel.

But lets not place all the blame on Israel and Zionists. Millions of American racists were set free by G.W.Bush’s exploitation of 9-11. They’ve now formed an alliance between the GOP and Likud.


The heart wants what the heart wants :wink:

Which is exactly why the talks have been going on for decades - Israel NEVER intended to make a deal with the Palestinians. Israel will only continue to steal Palestinian and murder Palestinians and continue to run their concentration camp. Israel was NEVER going to do otherwise. But would take US money, waste US time pretending… It really needs to stop and we, US, really need to help the Palestinian people and stop be manipulated and lied to by the likes of Bibi! We should be done with him - finally!


Hahaha! I thought about Bibi’s and Kelly’s hair color just this morning. They both look ridiculous.

We took this land at gunpoint from the backwards savages fair and square, and we’re keeping it.

And we’re taking more. If you disagree, you’re an anti-Semite and/or a self-hating Jew, plus you hate Freedom and Liberty. We will be making sure that all right-thinking people shun you and further guarantee that you are forever prevented from working in any “honorable” line of work.

Deal with it.

Bibius Maximus