Discussion: Netanyahu Rejects Meeting with Dems, Says It Might Appear Partisan

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Because nothing says “bipartisanship” better than addressing all the GOP Congressmen and calling it a “joint session” :fist:


If I did not see AP in the byline, I would have thought this was an Onion story.


Democrats were stupid to offer the invitation to meet privately in the first place. He was doing such a good job on his own now he has an out


Douche-tacular Display of Diplomacy on his part.


What an effin’ hypocrite.


Obviously Netanyahu doesn’t wish to be taken seriously. Actually, he seems to see his role as some sort of home wrecker — or more accurately, a House wrecker.

I would like to see Israel play a useful role in the world, but Netanyahu doesn’t make that likely. Think of it: in the last year, China has played a role, India has played a role, Germany has played a role. Even the Saudis have played a role. But Netanyahu’s imagination only extends to the next election. My goodness, he sounds like a right wing Republican.


Arrogant, hypocritical asshole.


There really is no bottom to this guy’s incompetence.


I am disappointed the Democrats made the offer - well, not the Dems, Lady Diane of the multi-millionaire’s club and Dick Durbin. I want Democrats to have nothing to do with this slime-ball. They should either skip attending the joint session or get up and walk out when Bibi starts his speech.


Somewhere in Israel, a village will be missing its idiot.


I couldn’t agree more… Dems WEAK s usual!

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Leave it to the Dems to take a winning hand and give it to the ‘rethugs’! That’s what they loose even though most of their ideas are what the public want! I am glad he rejected their invitation. It serves them right! They set themselves up to be slapped in the face TWICE…because… You know, him speaking to begin with wasn’t ENOUGH of a slap in their face… IDIOTS!


I’m not sure this was a bad move on the Dem’s part. Democrats now have all the reason necessary to not attend the “bipartisan” speech given this overt snub and will not look as if they are anti-Israel given Netanyahu has now not just dissed the President, but a whole major party and life long ally of Israel.

Netanyahu is digging himself in deeper and deeper. I suspect the Israeli media and public will see this for what it is, a major international gaff (more so than it was before), and it will damage both his and Israel’s credibility on the world’s stage. I can’t see this last move as helping him in his election efforts back home and will be surprised if it doesn’t hurt him further.


He’s more afraid it will look democatic/liberal, he’s never afraid of being partisan.


I hope this mind-boggling display of hypocrisy and disrespect finally disabuses all Democrats of any remaining illusion that they need to attend this speech to support Israel. By now it’s got to be obvious to even the densest Dem that, more even than an effort to screw with Obama’s foreign policy, this has been nothing but an in-kind contribution to Bibi’s reelection campaign. (He’s already using the prospect of the speech in campaign ads.)

Oh, and Boehner’s arranged for GOP staffers to take any absent Dem’s seat and applaud enthusiastically (yes, really; including the link to the documentation kept my comment from posting for a fking hour for some reason, but it’s true).

I swear, they’re now goading Dems into not attending; then they get the twofer of calling them anti-Israel and getting fabulous campaign footage of the U.S. House filled with people giving Bibi a standing ovation. So: do they show up, and leave just as he’s announced? Do they turn their backs? Or do they simply not show, let Boehner fill the house with sycophants, and hope the widespread publicity of this bullshit game makes B&B objects of ridicule and derision? Judging by the tone of this AP story and others I’ve seen, even the MSM isn’t buying their crap; and it’s definitely become an issue in Israel (along with news of Bibi’s lies about Iran’s nuclear program, confirmed by leaks of Mossad cables; but that’s another story). So I’m inclined to think just staying away remains the best option. With this slimy little move, Bibi just gave every Democrat an easy out.

And because I’m gonna continue to be a nag until this thing’s done:

  1. Fercrissake, if you haven’t yet, PLEASE contact your Dem reps about this, and tell all your friends to do the same. In particular, the non-Jewish Dems need to know they’ve got cover from American Jews not to attend this dog and pony show, because most of us emphatically do not stand with Bibi.
  2. If you haven’t yet, PLEASE call your nearest Israeli consulate and voice your outrage about this political stunt; the last thing Israel needs is to become a partisan issue here. (Those calls really are having an impact back home.) It’s long past time they heard from American Jews who aren’t right-wingers, and realized how much Netanyahu is imperiling support for Israel among Americans in general.
  3. And finally, if you want an effective counterweight to AIPAC, PLEASE look into J Street. The more support they can show, the greater their influence will be on the Hill, and the sooner we can finally relegate the neocons in both countries to the fringes of our politics, where we both desperately need them to be.

Let’s ruin these fuckers’ party.


Netanyahu and Boehner have the same smirk. Feinstein and Durbin are backstabbing idiots.


I spent an hour unable to post while you posted this one; we came to pretty much the same conclusion, but you did it a lot more cleanly. The media coverage (“mainstream” media, like this AP story) already seems to be treating Netanyahu with barely disguised sarcasm; I pray the Dems realize they really can play a strong hand here. For both countries’ sakes.


Netanyahu is worried about appearing partisan, and doesn’t want to interfere with our internal politics: I get that. What a mensch! Isreal is lucky to have such a principled leader. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to work on getting the house ready for the Easter Bunny, who’ll be visiting in a month or so. There’s the small matter of that mess Santa left behind (we think he’d been drinking). Toodles!


I am glad this is happening and I advocate that this country CUTS FINANCIAL AID TO ISRAEL. How we can give as much money as we do considering the way Bibi spits in this country’s face is boggling. Bibi wants to be an A hole then hit him where it hurts.