Discussion: Neighbors: Las Vegas Shooters Had Ties To Bundy Ranch

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Carol Bundy seems to miss all the guns at his rally. If they didn’t have violent intent, then what was all the firepower for?


She thought it was a peace militia.


regaring this story, I am very interested in where the shooters got their guns. Also, the unconfirmed report of a civilian with a conceal and carry permit who shot back. These elements need fleshing out.


*Another resident of the apartment complex, Brandon Moore, told the Las Vegas Sun that the couple had also spoken about their plans to commit a mass shooting.

“They were handing out white-power propaganda and were talking about doing the next Columbine,” he said*.

  • He didn’t think this was worth reporting?

How did this happen. A bunch of ignorant teabillies arm themselves to the teeth, threaten government officials, and they are not prosecuted before this could happen? WTF?


It’s a good thing these two are just crazy individuals acting alone, and that there’s no well-funded media-driven ideology we can point to which would logically lead people to engage in this kind of behavior if they actually listened to it.


Carol Bundy, the Nevada rancher’s wife, told the newspaper she had no reason to suspect that militia members at the ranch harbored violent intentions

Except maybe the fact that they had military style assault weapons trained on BLM officers?

Ignorance is not an attractive quality.


I blame the racist GOP tea party. They’ve been stirring the pot on this since 2008. Homegrown domestic terrorism brought to you by the GOP.


When Fox News, the Tea Party, and the NRA whip up the froth of the pea-brained and the paranoid, this is what will happen. Sadly, this sort of tragedy only sells more guns, increases ratings, and inspires more “sovereign citizens”. Meanwhile, the oligarchs who run those shows go to bed at night in their gated communities content in the knowledge that great majority of Americans haven’t identified the source of their malaise, and instead blame minorities, women, gays, and the government for their sucky, sad lives.




They’re white, not unarmed, hoodie-wearing black men.

White supremacy has many guises. This is domestic terrorism a la the hillbilly sect, brought to you by the GOP tea party.


We don’t prosecute folks who haven’t yet committed a crime. Thinking about it isn’t illegal. In Nevada buying guns isn’t illegal either. If that were the case probably everyone on planet Earth would be in the hoosegow.


The involvement of an armed citizen was reported in the Las Vegas Review Journal last night as well as on some local Las Vegas TV stations. It should be considered hearsay at this point as the story was connected to just one “witness” and is as yet unsubstantiated. The shooters apparently did kill a woman, just inside the front door of the Walmart. The police were also firing inside the store. Who knows? It’s best to wait until the police issue a report. The link to the LVRJ story is here:

P.S. If you value keeping your breakfast down, don’t read the comments, many of which are vile to the max.


Brought to us by Cliven Bundy and his inability to follow his lease with the BLM. He has used public lands on a lease that he’s refused to pay for going on 20 years


I already read the LVJ article. the C&C angle is something that needs to be verified one way or another.

Gosh, if he reported that to the police, RAFAEL Cruz may come after him for violating their First Amendment rights to free speech!


Stupidly, I ignored your warning. Unbelievable comments. I’m off for a shower.


Ahhhh…HERE’S a great example of the Murrika’ the Rightie Gun Humpers have envisioned for us all. An old prairie welfare taker like Cliven Bundy wants to steal from the public and, when he can’t pay a rightful debt, blames his plight on the very Big Gummit’ at whose teat he’s been suckling for decades for free…and then rails against that government as ‘persecuting’ him. Then his gun nuzzling lunatic admirers or followers go out and murder two innocent people whose lives are dedicated to serving and protecting the public, to demonstrate their dedication to some twisted and sick vision of our Constitutional guarantees. Why? Cause’…FREEDUMB’!

And it all makes perfect sense to the WooWoo Lunatic Republicans and the Right Wingnuttery, I have no doubt.


When are these “good guys with guns” supposed to show up?