Discussion: Neal Katyal: Barr’s Problematic Summary Makes It Critical That Report Is Made Public

“Congress now has a clear path of action. It must first demand the release of the Mueller report, so that Americans can see the evidence for themselves,” he writes. “Then, it must call Mr. Barr and Mr. Mueller to testify. Mr. Barr in particular must explain his rationale for reaching the obstruction judgment he made.”

From the consistency of these noodles, I’m tempted to conclude that Mr. Katyal seriously overcooks his pasta.

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Previous to Mueller’s forwarding of his report to Barr many were saying Barr would be so concerned about his legacy and judgment in history there was no way he’d do anything questionable in reviewing and releasing his opinion on the entire affair.

So much for that I guess.


It’s masterful trolling. Barr promised he won’t compromise himself, and that’s what he will claim now
@denisj with a clarification .

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Khyber has an interesting take in a post on the thread “Barr: Evidence Mueller Found Not Sufficient to Charge Trump With Obstruction”…near the last group of posts…

This was a contract that Barr signed on with Trump. The motive could be a variety of things. But Barr is seriously corrupt and will regret that he ever knew of Trump.


why Mr. Mueller, after deciding not to charge on conspiracy, let Mr. Barr make the decision on obstruction.

Was that Mueller’s call to make?


Another outcome of this Barr finding will be Trump’s insistence everyone refuse to cooperate with House investigations. If there was no crime, no collusion, no obstruction why is the House having hearings will be the contention? Nadler, Cummings, Schiff et al just had their jobs made exponentially more difficult. We may see anyone directly in the employ of the Executive told to simply refuse to show, even after issuance of a subpoena.


Mr. Barr explained "his rationale for reaching the obstruction judgment he made” last December in his 19 page job application.


Which he?

I’m one of the people you’re talking about here. Only thing is I’ll say for my part at least that you’re overstating and mischaracterizing the discussion. People including me said his reputation as a professional could repeat could be a motivation to play this straight. As you say, we know now it wasn’t. Nobody with any integrity will see him as an honest broker from this point on. How that will play out remains to be seen.



It’s too early to say. We really don’t know a lot more than we did a couple of days ago, except that Mueller didn’t uncover evidence that Trump and his henchmen were working hand-in-glove with the Russians. (They may have been too inept to realize that the Russians wanted to.)

I think Barr takes too narrow a view of obstruction, but we need to know more about what Mueller’s people found, and what is in the report, to make a final judgment on that.

It’s early days yet.


It certainly seemed they had very high standards of proof for both wings of the investigation. The report may or may not say to what extent what they did find was simply bad, a serious betrayal, without quite being a chargeable crime.

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Any final judgment will be of small comfort to those feeling Trump deserved more serious consequences as a direct result of the investigation. That door is closed. Any justice will have to come from House efforts or those of other investigatory entities, and none us of should have high hopes Trump will ever be called to account for what he’s done in the last 3 years. Like refs giving the breaks to the experienced team, it would appear we’ve reached a point where our institutions are inclined to give Presidents a pass on even the most egregious violations of laws, norms, procedures and ethics. As it stands now a President would just about have to murder someone in front of a crowd of witnesses to be removed from office. Short of that they’re staying put.


Alla gengiva?

Wait – someone said Bill Barr would refrain from doing anything questionable?

[quote=“mattinpa, post:10, topic:86032”]
People including me said his reputation as a professional could repeat could be a motivation to play this straight. As you say, we know now it wasn’t.
[/quote]Confirmed: Barr Republican Swamp Creature.

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Early days are here again
The skies above are clear again
So let’s sing a song of cheer again
Early days are here again.

(With apologies to Jack Yellen.)

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I’ll say for him that he tried to have it both ways, to write a lawyerly document that would stay just within the facts while allowing the spin doctors to claim exoneration. He even put “not exonerate” in there, knowing it would be gleefully ignored, as one does. He got there the fustest with the mostest. But as Rube Goldberg said, no matter how thin you slice it, it’s still baloney, and this kind of thing can come back to bite you.


Nadler, Cummings, Schiff et al just had their jobs made exponentially more difficult.

I think this was always heading in that direction, regardless of what the Mueller report said. Barr has done his job of making the report’s appearance one of much ado about nothing, despite the ongoing collusion investigation via Stone and the large number of Russia related convictions already obtained. This will make it easier for Trump to refuse to cooperate with the house investigation (along with the SDNY and state level ones), but, make no mistake, he has always intended to go extra-legal in this fight.

Congress will sue to get the report and almost certainly win at the supreme court. There’s too much precedent for even this crowd to give 5 votes to a Presidential coverup. However, I expect Trump to order Barr to keep it secret anyway, in effect using his control of the justice system to prevent prosecution of subpoena violations.

I expect the administration to use the report summary as you suggest, as an excuse to keep witnesses from testifying. I fully expect that he’ll also use it to justify pardoning anyone the SDNY indicts and possibly even Stone. The drumbeat will be constant. “The Mueller report was the most extensive investigation in US history and it didn’t uncover a single case of unethical or illegal behavior!” Anything and everything that happens in the investigative arena will now be a ‘criminal’ attempt to drum up charges. There will be talk of arresting members of Congress and the firing of US Attorneys that come too close to charges.

With that said, I don’t think his response would have been different if the Barr summary were more damning than it is. Blatantly refusing to follow Constitutional norms and clinging to power by branding the other two branches of government as corrupt traitors was always his only option for avoiding the consequences of his actions. He has nothing to lose.


Barr Butt Bitten By Baloney!