Discussion: NEA Wants You To Know No Funds Go To Trumpian 'Julius Caesar' Production

Ars gratia fascist


Too bad for the NEA that it is already a Known TrueFact among the Breitbartiscenti that NEA not only funded the production, but also rejected 8 other directors’ applications for funding because the proposed plays were not anti-Trump enough. Study it out.


And this is how the first amendment dies, bit by bit.


issued its statement after hearing from “someone in the public,” though Hutter said she was “not sure who it was.”

Just your run of the mill note pinned to a headless corpse…


where was all this fainting and panic and indignation when THIS production was staged - And the conservatives found it "riveting… Of course, it isn’t about race, nothing ever is …


oh Jack

Seems like that

What a terrible play. Just imagine if some unstable characters such as McCain and Graham and Rubio or Ted Cruz saw this play and were incited to violence because of it? Why, we could have a civil war and Jared Kushner could end up as Trumpus I.

‘Et tu, Mitch?’

NPR had a feature on it this afternoon and one of the pieces of information was that there was a production of JC during the Obama administration that featured a Caesar that looked like Obama. Remember the uproar? Me either.
I haven’t seen either production, so I can’t speak to the comparisons, but I find it interesting.


Having once been a stalwart supporter of the NEA, I am no longer. I cannot continue to support the current gang of chicken-shits.

Came here to post that, and this:
Not New York, but a major regional theater. Who knows how many more of these we could find if we looked. Not to mention that the damn play condemns the assassination (and almost everybody, but that’s a subject for another discussion).

@docd: yup…

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