Discussion: NC Senate GOP Leader: We Haven't Discussed Packing Top State Court

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NC-GOP: Now that Dems have given us the idea, we will use it ASAP. This is what Liberalism does; It forces use to do things we abhor.


Glad to hear it’s the political optics keeping them from doing it and not, say, the integrity of their state government.

They’re going to do it. The NC GOP has veto-proof supermajorities in both houses of the state legislature, and they haven’t shown any willingness to limit their exuberance yet.


It’s curious that Rethugs have been openly talking about packing the courts since the early '70s yet they “haven’t discussed it.” Ooooooooo-kay.

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I’m seeing it as more a case of cockroaches scurrying away from the light. We’ll see.

The legislators doth protest too much, methinks. Watch what they do, don’t listen to what they say.

yes like work to make the lives of our citizens better

Two things you should never trust: Rattlesnakes and North Carolina Republicans.

(Actually, that’s only one thing. Oh, well …)

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Yes, just the way they didn’t talk about HB2 and yet somehow they managed to get it passed and signed into law in 24 hrs. The fact that Mccrory is busy trying to steal back his job might be what prevents this from happening but anyone who believes they haven’t been talking about it is a fool.

If he said he’s not then he probably lying and will right?