Discussion: NC Board Of Elections Concludes 9th District Election 'Corrupted,' 'Tainted'

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When will Harris be indicted? The failure do do so only encourages future cheating and the corruption of our elections.


“The Harris Committee failed to comply fully with the lawful subpoenas by this Board, and that such non-compliance contributes to cumulative doubt cast on the congressional election,” they wrote.

The board concluded on an ominous note, promising “further action” in regards to Harris and his representation.

This is my favorite part of the story.


Further action should include getting reimbursed by the Harris Campaign and State Republican Party for the cost to run a new election.


If they don’t indict Harris then they failed to complete their job. Got to chop the head off of the monster to really kill it.


“Tainted”? “Corrupted”? By a Republican? Well, cut off my legs and call me “Shorty”?!


I hope at the next hearing they tackle the color of the sky and the worst of the three Godfathers

…and no one can convince me that the state GOP wasn’t behind this, too. There shouldn’t even be a new election. They screwed an innocent candidate out of a Congressional seat, and they should pay for what they did by having the seat given to the Democrat who lost because of their machinations. Why should these crooked fucks get a second bite at the apple?


This case has already been cited by Republicans as a reason to double down on voter suppression and as an example of the widespread fraud in the system. They truly have no shame.

The fact that they are getting a “do-over” is, I think, the biggest example of corruption I can think of.


The GOP commits a crime and the taxpayers fund it. If that is not socialism, than what is?


NC Board Of Elections Concludes 9th District Election ‘Corrupted,’ ‘Tainted’

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And the Democratic candidate has to put money into another campaign. In my working days, we used to refer to the inevitable outcome of any failed project: the search for the guilty, the punishment of the innocent, and the rewarding of the non-participating.


just waiting for the disinformation campaign - the " it takes two to tango crap"
you know - where Democrat Dan McCready is resoundingly criticized by Republicans for his association with a corrupted and tainted election - cause the election was so corrupted that anybody connected to it it must have been involved in some way.

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Never, he is such a good Christian and his only fault was trusting devious individuals, yes he was warned about them, but forgiving and giving second chances is both christian and the American way. Now that brown woman in Texas that voted illegally should stay in jail for the full of her 8 year sentence.


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Sorry but an election isn’t a horse race, it is an opportunity for voters to elect their representative(s). In this case, that opportunity was stolen from them – of course they are entitled to a new election. Sue Harris, throw him in jail, whatever it takes, but don’t forget that voters are the ultimate victim here. Not parties or candidates.


Let’s read it again and again, shall we?

ETA is there a rubbing hands in glee emoji?


Just like the North Carolina, Duke, NC State, culture of corruption in college basketball.



Wouldn’t that be election fraud, not voter fraud. Voters didn’t commit fraud, the campaign of Mark Harris did.

So far, Dowless and four of his employees have been indicted on charges related to the alleged voter fraud.