Discussion: NBC Medical Correspondent's Uneasy Future After Violating Ebola Quarantine

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“Susan Dentzer, a longtime health journalist and commentator for National
Public Radio and the PBS “NewsHour,” said people shouldn’t forget that
Snyderman put herself at risk to travel to Africa and cover the story.
The public is reacting to a fear of Ebola instead of science, she said.”

Not true. A physician should know better, and quarantine is quarantine. The reaction is to her being arrogant and thinking she is “better” than the rest of us! She didn’t even really apologize but made excuses for “us” NOT herself. She would have been fine riding around in a car. But, somebody walked into the diner and violated the quarantine. Yes, the fear in America is ridiculous, but a celebrity doctor should have known better!


Since no one is infectious until they are symptomatic, she was in a unique position to determine whether it was safe for her to go out. If she wasn’t sick, then it was safe. That doesn’t mean it was okay but there is absolutely no question that this disease makes people stupid well before they come into contact with it. A little perspective goes a looong way.


Not good public relations but if asymptomatic the chances she was contagious are almost nil. But it she WAS infected, and had an accident somehow that caused her to splatter blood–and it got on someone else face–uh, oh. THAT is the reason for quarantine. You do not know till you know.


Call me old-fashioned, but I think someone in Snyderman’s position needs to be a role model. And when she selfishly went into a diner for take-out, she did not set a good example for anybody.


Is that her good side?


Whatever happened to the notion of giving people second chances? Those who would lynch her need to put away their ropes and pop a Valium.


Bag her and the rest. What kind of fucking moron pulls a stunt like that? Hmmmmm…let’s see…quarantine for deadly disease (not to mention public panic) or Whitecastle? Fucking arrogant, self-centered twat. Harold and Kumar are very very disappointed.


Anyone that trusts a TV MD is silly…


Like there’s no Chinese fare or Pizza delivery in NJ?
Somebody got wanderlust.
Somebody got busted for it.



It was a self-imposed quarantine. Ebola making everyone stupid.


“But let’s put it in a broader perspective.”

OK…how broad of a picture do you want me to paint of the fallout in terms of lives, careers, political repercussions, public outrage and panic, etc., had even one of them managed to carry Ebola into the public sphere and caused a spreading NYC outbreak? How broad? I can go pretty fucking broad if you’d like or you can just accept that she’s a selfish dipshit who just ruined her medical credibility completely FOREVER. There’s no going back on this one.

“ABC health editor Dr. Richard Besser was in Africa at the same time as Snyderman and did not quarantine himself upon his return.”

Fire his ass too. I’ve got no patience for this shit. I’m by no means on the panic train, but that kind of negligence should be used as a “teaching moment”…and harsh lessons need to be learned. Welcome to the Sniffit School of Go Fuck Yourself.


This isn’t about “lynching” anyone. It’s about whether she should be reporting as a content expert on medical issues when she herself acted against medical advice. That is (and should be) a big deal.


As far as we know, Besser didn’t work with a crew member who himself became sick.


Aah, another thread posed the question “where will the outrage be” since the people related to the TX victim have been cleared. Looks like we found our rwnj outrage du jour, namely secret government agents infecting our cities…

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There is more than one problem here. Snyderman was wrong to violate her voluntary quarantine, but clearly knew she was not infectious. The bigger hypocrisy is with NBC/MSNBC commentators like Andrea Mitchell who blasts Obama for Amber Vinson flying to Cleveland, in her consistent sensationalist anti-Obama bullshit, and yet says nothing about Dr. Snyderman. NBC/MSNBC has a double standard — attack Obama for what he didn’t do, and is not responsible for, but give a pass to a colleague for violating a pledge for public safety she did do, and was personally responsible for. NBC is a joke — watch, nothing is likely to happen to Snyderman.


Excellent point.


How about instead when we make a commitment to self-quarantine we just simply follow through. Problem solved.

With an Ebola mortality rate of 70% a ‘second chance’ seems like a statistically disproportionate and unnecessary risk.

Adults with responsibilities are expected to exercise good judgment- particularly by cultivating a healthy aversion to Risk and especially when the consequences could imperil others.



Well, that’s all right then.

I disagree, man. There’s no reason for panic, but there are many reasons to quarantine people who have traveled to stricken countries prior to releasing them back into the general Murkin populace. It is a very basic, standard, responsible step in making sure there are no further outbreaks and that we’re doing everything we can to control it and set precedent for proper protocol, etc.

The fact that it was self-imposed versus court/state-imposed is meaningless. Violating the former makes you a big fat selfish liar with no concern for the welfare of others or the community. Violating the latter means the same thing and tacks on potential fines or contempt charges, etc. Her credibility as a serious medical professional should be viewed as cremated.