Discussion: NBA Will Announce What It Plans To Do With Donald Sterling On Tuesday

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I wonder what odds Nate Silver places on Adam Silver doing the right thing.

They really can’t do jack to him. He, along with the rest of the plutocrat owners, is essentially immune and unaccountable. You can get rid of a scofflaw coach, player, GM, whatever. Owner? Hey b!tches, this is an ownership society.

That’s life in a plutocracy. Fun, eh?

The context? The context appears to be a gold-digger baiting a racist into revealing his racism. This does not make his racism any more acceptable.

Why does she refer to herself as “V. Stiviano” without a first name? Is she a female douchebag? Is there a word for that?

My better half who is into basketball bigtime (Go, Warriors!) said the same thing. He’s the owner and as such is totally immune to punishment of any kind. Peer pressure, maybe, but he’s not going to give up any holdings of the Clippers without a fight.

Racists like this guy seem to have a thickness of skin measured in nano-microns when it comes to their own racism. Perhaps a month of N.P.R. (National Public Ridicule) will do the trick in getting him to leave.

Marge Schott thought the same thing until she was replaced as an owner in MLB back in the 90s for this exact same thing, racist statements.


I believe that the operative term is “She-bag.”

As punishment, they will force Sterling to buy season tickets for the Warriors.

Assuming they wanted too, the NBA could hurt Sterling’s pocketbook by not sanctioning any Clippers apparel/memorabilia; not sharing any pooled revenue from NBA apparel/memorabilia sales with the Clippers; confining Clippers’ broadcasts to the local market only; blocking NBA internet access to the Clippers, etc…

This could be in addition to any “informal” pressure on NBA national sponsors to drop local sponsorship of the Clippers.

I find it very hard to believe there isn’t some contractual mechanism that allows the NBA to rescind ownership in some way. As Sylhines mentioned, something similar happened with Marge Schott. After a slew of hilariously racist, antisemitic, homophobic, and generally hateful comments, she was eventually forced out.

First off, no more hookers for you, Don.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t MLB force out Marge Schott from owning the Reds for a few years because of similar unsavory comments she made? Not to mention, she sold the team to its current ownership group while facing the threat of yet ANOTHER suspension.