Discussion: Navy Orders Probe Into Pacific Fleet After 10 Sailors Go Missing In Collision

Dafuq, Navy? Just… dafuq?

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And as result of the probe some admirals and captain will be retiring early (with full pension) so that they can go and collect their “consulting fees” with the Defense Contractors. Some punishment.

Both ships are part of Destroyer Squadron 15, based out of Yokosuka. I am seriously expecting Capt Bennett’s head to roll.

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Tin foil hat time. Has someone hacked the navy? Is the navy being held hostage for ransom while the president continues his 2016 campaign for president?

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From the photo’s, it looks like the tanker rammed the McCain, just like with the last Navy collision with the container ship…

How do you let a oil tanker or container ship “sneak up” on you?

Wouldn’t you think there’d be heightened awareness as far as standing watch?

Many questions…


And how do both ships let it happen? Is it easier than I think?


ask clive cussler.

Dafuq is right. My 38’ silboat has a 50 mile range radar and AIS that warns me of the proximity of other AIS ships (anything of size has AIS - automatic identification system).

Taking away all of the electronics: where were the deck officers and crew?

what I don’t get is why the CIC didn’t know this had happened until a presser. Are they just not telling him shit?

I find that incredible.

It’s eclipsing here

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we may have missed the Administration’s notice that as part of its concerted effort to slash federal budgets, all Navy ships will henceforth operate without a bridge watch. Unnecessary members of the ship’s crew, therefore, will be thrown overboard.

Asked to justify the changes, Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said standing bridge watches were “not cost efficient” and not in keeping with the mission of the military.

Hacking any of the ships involved in either incident should be pretty tough since operations in piloting waters should rely on a ship’s on board sensors for maneuvering and complying with the rules of the road.

Even relatively inexpensive commercial radars nowadays will have an automatic radar plotting aid (ARPA) module that identifies, tracks, and projects other vessels; large commercial and naval ships will definitely carry them. And then there is AIS although that could potentially be spoofed, so …

In a crowded shipping lane it can be tough to keep track of everyone, their maneuvers, and the effects of one’s own maneuvers but that’s what they are trained to do. There should have been multiple extra watchstanders on watch for this transit, as well. Very strange.

I thought there was a court martial coming for the commander of the ship that ran into the container ship off Japan.

Too much dope taking? I recall officials probing the death of two Navy Seals aboard ship until they discovered they’d simply overdosed on heroin.

Navy Orders Probe Into Pacific Fleet After 10 Sailors Go Missing In Collision

Ya think?

The whole thing smells fishy to me.

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ProPublica has a follow-up story out on the McCain. Sad, shocking bit not really surprising.