Discussion: Nat'l Guard Airlifts Never-Before-Seen Dinosaur Fossils From Wilderness (PHOTOS)

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Now, I’ve seen a dinosaur fly.


Huck insists these are less than 6,000 years old…cause Jesus.

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He’ll also claim a vast liberal conspiracy removed the skeletal remains of the family that were riding it at the time of its demise.

Here’s another one to add to your list.

Actually, you do every day – birds.


Col. But I do wonder a little why, if they could airlift out the fossils, they couldn’t have spared another couple of flights to airlift in the water and plaster for the archaeologists instead of making them pack it in.

And why ever did Jesus make the dinosaur bones so hard to find?
It’s easier to catch Pokemon!

Probably because we the public wouldn’t pay for it.

There´s a use of the military that I could get behind.

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Point of order! AS a veteran, I can assure you that had this not been a photo op, Sgts. would not be doing manual labor


AND that they were the bones of demons.

I think “wouldn’t pay for it” in a situation like this is a misnomer. If they’re national guard, they almost certainly have to fly a set number of hours every year to maintain proficiency. So the question is likely what they do during their flight time. Meanwhile, if the research is being done by US paleontologists, they’re either being paid directly by a federal agency or being paid by a tax-subsidized organization. So it’s quite plausible that the public is paying more to do it the old-fashioned way, just on a different and less comprehensible set of budget lines.

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was it encased in amber?

(sorry, couldn’t resist!)

I just saw a program on the History Channel hosted by Scott Wolter that says this is just a government cover-up of what was actually the skull of a human giant that is being suppress by world governments. Amazingly, it it the only thing, besides the existence of UFOs, that world governments CAN agree on.

[OK, now watch Infowars pick this up as absolute truth and broadcast it all over the internet.]

If you look closely at this fossil you can tell how the structure of the animal’s back eventually caused the saddle sores Jesus suffered from later in life. Ken Ham is writing an article about it now for WND, at your grocer’s checkout counter next Tuesday.

That’s conspiracy nonsense. The Bisti Wilderness Area hides a secret government facility for creating “fossils” to help brainwash the public onto accepting the evolution story. For three decades no, those fossils have been packed out in the backpacks of “hikers”, and distributed throughout the Western US for later “discovery”.