Discussion: National Review Writer: Bundy's Slavery Remarks 'Separate' From Ranch Standoff

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So, you’re saying that Mr. Bundy’s views are only about 180 years old?

Here’s a tip: STOP helping!

National Review on Bundy’s Racism: “Alamo Heroes Probably Had ‘Repugnant’ Views, Too”

It’s life imitating Red Dwarf:

Arnold Rimmer: Providing you avoid politics, the Hitlers are an absolute hoot.
Kryten: It's just a social thing. We don't talk about his work. We just have a few laughs, play canasta, and enjoy the odd game of mixed doubles with the Goerings.

Cliven Bundy is just like Davy Crockett? Problem solved!

Tonight on THE FACTOR: If slavery was good enough for the Founding Fathers, who are we to judge?

“I very strongly suspect that most of the men who died at the Alamo held a great many views that I would find repugnant”

And I’ll bet those Romans weren’t to PC either. Can you not think of a response that doesn’t require the listener be a fool?

What I remember of the patriots at the Alamo was that they were fighting for their freedom to own slaves in Texas which had been abolished in the Mexican constitution so I’d have to agree their views were repugnant.