Discussion: National Dems Rally Around Ted Strickland, Not Ohio Dem Sittenfeld

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Breaking: Old centrist Dems rally around old centrist Dem


There’s nothing the current Democratic Party hates more than fresh faces and new ideas. Ask Hillary.

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Please Identify one issue where Sittenfeld is to Strickland’s left.

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Sittenfeld came out of nowhere with unusually slick, expensive political ads for his council races.

So, who is P.G. Sittenfeld, and why do national Democrats hate him?

National Dems crapped all over another promising and certainly a more seasoned SW Ohio Democratic candidate when Chuck Schumer stabbed Paul Hackett several years ago when he was thinking of challenging Sherrod Brown.

It’s Frick and Frack to me. I began the article with no clue if or how the two candidates differ on important issues, and I was in the same position after reading the article.

I live within 100 miles of Cinci and don’t even know anything about him or his record. Dems hate…wow that is strong. Nobody knows him and he comes from a GOP leaning SW corner of Ohio and would not be competitive as he would bring only his small local base support to the game. His future would be a run for Governor in '18 to build name recognition by winning. We need to get rid of Portman and need the surest candidate to challenge him which would be former Governor Strickland.

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And?? So what? You seem to think Sittenfeld is progressive. OK, fine. Let him stay in the race, challenge Strickland in the primary. If he loses, you get to go in the corner and be quiet. The voters will have spoken.

Sherrod Brown is is no centrist.

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