Discussion: Nadler Makes One Last Attempt To View Full Mueller Report, Threatening Contempt

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Keep up the pressure.


Nadler is giving Barr enough rope to go around that fat neck if his.

Expect the contempt citation Monday before lunch.


request was “overbroad and extraordinarily burdensome.”

Not more burdensome than a 400lb man.


In this clip, Stillwell Darling is Barr and Tom Hanks is America.


Nadler & Co. checking all the procedural boxes in advance of the inevitable court clashes.

No retreat, baby, no surrender,… - BSpringsteen


More slow-walking by Nadler.

Anybody think Barr is going to change his mind over the weekend?

How those Trump tax returns coming along, by the way?


I hope so. Maybe they should mail chicken statues to Barr’s office in the meantime


Do they make Gummi Chickens?


This is important.

All the lefties who are complaining about the speed—or lack of it—in the Dem responses to Barr & Trump over this aren’t looking at the broader picture.

This is all going to end up in front of a judge (or two or three) and Democrats need to be able to show that they’ve bent over backwards to do this the right way—while showing that Barr and Trump are not being rational or appropriate in their responses.

It’s clear that Barr and Trump are overtly disrespectful of Congress—and that they do not view Congress as a co-equal branch of government.

The courts will not look fondly on Barr and Trump for being pig-headed and disrespectful of the law and the Constitution.

Nadler is handling this very carefully, dotting every i and crossing every t.


witnessing a slow motion disembowelment of the US Federal government

what will be left if this effort a congressional oversight fails? A toothless branch of government when one particular party is in power?

I keep asking, how long does the repube party expect everyone else to sit around and accept “heads I win/tails you lose”

for me it is not acceptable, is there much I can do in a grand sense? no, but I am keeping names, so that when the time does come and I hold even a meaningless amount of leverage, you can bet your ass I will stand up for myself in the manner that I can

I am a Returned Peace Corps volunteer from a tiny sub-Saharan African nation, there was a traditional saying in sesothto, Ke tla hopola - I will remember - if understood in the right way, it should send a chill down the recipient’s spine


Oh good! Another Strongly Worded Letter and a new deadline! That’ll show 'em!


Don’t forget that Congress holds the purse strings. They can always non fund the DOJ and/or the White House or attach any conditions they want to that funding.


All DOJ has to do is respond to them and they get a new shot clock. This is not a final. the final says “we’re out of patience. Do this by x date. This will be our last correspondence on this issue-you’ve left us no choice.”

I’d love to be wrong about this, but the process will continue.
Tick tock.


I understand what you’re doing, Jerry but if Barr doesn’t give in you HAVE to arrest that SOB. Do NOT treat this as nothing more than a sternly worded letter or you’ll get branded as a coward and may even lose the House next year.


Barr has shown his contempt for Congress every step of the way.

This is part of the Democratic House leadership’s strategy to delay, delay, delay.

Pelosi has been clear she does not want to impeach Trump no matter what:

“not worth it”
“too divisive”
“not bipartisan”
“too good for him”
“the easy way out”

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Pretty much; Nadler knows there’s going to be a LOT of resistance to what he’s going to do with Barr and because of that it’s paramount the Dems get all the facts right and get everything correct so the GOP can’t squirm out of this.


Well, I think Pelosi believes impeachment is worthless without a conviction. What she really wants is the U.S. Senate.

If she can expose the GOP cocksuckers as nothing but gutless toadies, the chances that the Senate will go blue are much greater. If the democrats get the Senate, then it doesn’t MATTER if Whiny is re-elected.


I’d like to believe it will happen on Monday.

But past performance is still the best predictor of future performance.

My money is on DoJ coming back with 'Oh… THAT stuff… well… we’re gonna need some more time here… and then we’ll be happy to meet with you about what more can be done…"

And Nadler will be all “Okay - glad to see you’re coming around. Take all the time you need… as long as you promise to give us something at some point some time in the future.”

Cynical thinking, I know. I’m HOPING for the best, but preparing for the worst.



Unless Nadler gets what he wants by his deadline—even if DoJ responds in some manner—there is no “shot clock” to reset.