Discussion: Nadler: Barr Won't Commit To Releasing Unredacted Mueller Report And Evidence

If there were a time for marching, now would suffice.


Gee, Jerry. Don’t you know Barr’s specialty is making things disappear, like the Iran-Contra treason?


I guess they don’t have a clue how bad this looks. Once the stonewalling really sinks in, even fewer people will believe what Barr’s summation had to say.


Wait a minute, didn’t the Senator from SC say Barr would release the report in April? Isn’t April 2nd in the month of April? Or has Emperor No Clothes Trump remade the Julian calendar?

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If there was ever a need for a Pentagon Papers-size leak, it’s now.


It will be interesting to see if the obvious stonewalling changes the media narrative in these next few weeks. If Trump were truly “exonerated,” then why is Barr engaging in these excuses?

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you know someone has the itch to get that report out to the public.
It’s coming sooner or later.
Maybe trump pissed of putin enough and he will give the order. lol
or, Kelly C for bashing husband.
or Graham because he could play hero of the moment.
Someone will do it.
hopefully soon


Trump shoots someone on 5th Avenue in broad daylight.
FBI investigates.
Trump refuses to talk to FBI.
FBI concludes that there is not enough evidence of mens rea to charge with murder but does not exonerate.
AG declares Trump ‘not guilty’ and refuses to release the report, which includes footage of Trump shooting that nobody has seen.
Trump declares himself acquitted and goes after all journalists who accused him.
Media moves on. Trump runs for re-election.
Trump realizes that the stakes of the re-election are existential for him, and that he could lose.
Trump realizes that the GOP will stand behind him whatever he does.
What does Trump do next?


Congressman Nadler wants the Judiciary Committee to receive the unredacted Mueller report and all supporting evidence, also unredacted, that makes up the basis of the Mueller report? Sorry, but even I know that can’t happen. Why? Because (1) state secrets, and (2) not all committee members possess the needed security clearances.

That being said, I don’t think Barr has a leg to stand on with respect to the Intelligence Committee. If there are some members of the Intelligence Committee who do not have the requisite security clearances, then either (a) they shouldn’t be on the committee, or (b) unredacted copies can be provided to those members who do have clearances, redacted copies to those that don’t possess the needed clearances, and those without clearances might obtain generalized summaries from committee members with clearances. Now, if BLOTUS were to arbitrarily remove the requisite clearances from Intelligence Committee members, then you have an instant constitutional crisis that is worthy of a massive march perhaps requiring armed security to quell, because the SOB would be a de facto dictator.

ETA: I suppose if things get bad enough, the House could impeach Barr, but then the Senate GOP might support him.

Nadler said he was told not to publicly disclose the number of pages.

No way an honest AG doesn’t let you publicly say how many pages the report has.
No way.

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“Show us everything. What do you have to hide?”

  • Rinse and repeat until Nov 2020
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Too much bad shit to cover up to release that soon.

Void the constitution?

Nah, he doesn’t have that power. He’ll just continue to void on the constitution…

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