Discussion: Muslim Congressman Says He Received Death Threat

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"We're putting people, i.e. Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, and others, into the line of fire, exposing them to death threats, discrimination in the workplace, and assaults," Carson said.

If it’d get him elected Trump - and most of the rest of the Rs, for that matter - would shout “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre.


Of course this wouldn’t happen if Rep. Carson was a Muslim sports figure since no one would have heard of him.


“called Trump a “modern-day P.T. Barnum,””

Indeed. And you know what that makes his supporters?


Remember when we thought this Trump shit was funny?


Of of the two…

Please TPM, get a proof-reader.


I’m glad, in a way, that Jon and Stephen are no longer in their roles. Jon’s head would have exploded on air by now and even the imaginary Stephen on the Colbert report would have to recant his party affiliation.

…but that GIF is sooooo freaking funny!! Thank you.


Just remember, folks, when attacks target Muslims or Planned Parenthood offices, those who spewed the false and inflammatory rhetoric and ideology that inspired and radicalized the attackers bear NO responsibility for the actions of the attackers. None. At All. And under no circumstances does this amount to a double standard compared to how we view people who inspire and radicalize Muslim terrorists. None. At All. Just wanted to make sure we have all that straight.


And the GOP celebrated as their minion did their job.


I would hope then that Trump or his minions would take to the airways and apologize for their lack of responsibility for those death threats.

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We’re not far off from that level of absurdity.

I have said it before, but why should Josh hire a proof reader or copy editor when so many are willing to do it for free :slight_smile:

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I wish it was just absurdity and not full on xenophobia, racism, and hatred of every.last.group.Trump.can.conjure.up… Mexicans, women (twice), people from Iowa, Syrians, Muslims to name some (but clearly not all). There clearly is something extremely dangerous in Trumps thinking process. A few weeks ago he entertained the thought of a Muslim in his putative cabinet. Now, however every last Muslim on planet earth is if not outright guilty at the least is suspect of some horrible action or contemplation of action. To trump just thinking (if one is Muslim) in anger is grounds for arrest and deportation, citizenship notwithstanding.


“Of of the two Muslim-American members”

Who proofreads this stuff?
Anyway, this is the sort of craziness that sends a chill up my back.
Some idiot with a single lonely IQ point who has had too much Fixed Noise, going after good people whose faith makes them better people.

Trump’s reaction to the death threat received by Andre Carson:

“He probably deserved it! You can’t trust Muslims. Maybe a death threat will keep Carson from bombing the House of Representatives.”

Sound far-fetched?

Wait 24 hours.



“I just received a death threat yesterday in my own office, and it’s largely [because] of this toxic environment, and politicians are fanning the flames,” he [Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN)] continued.

Republican politicians. Don’t mean to get pedantic or picayune, Rep. Carson, but Republican needs to be specified. The GOP can’t be allowed even a smidgen of both sides do it rhetorical cover.


I concur. I try to stay out of the typo / grammar wars, given that my own typing is slower than my thoughts, leading to frequently dropped words and occasional homonym swaps, but Of of the two?

Seriously, TPM, we’re not even proofing the first sentence in articles anymore?

Clearly the reporter, Katherine Krueger, meant "One of the two . . . " so, technically, there were only 3 misplaced letters, and there have been much greater copy-editing errors in the past here on TPM, but you’re absolutely right, it is the freaking first sentence!

Well, I don’t know what more proof you could need that Trump is right. Wherever you find Muslims, you will find death threats.

Mr. Carson, I am so sorry you have to experience such barbarism. I wish you peace in this ugly storm.