Discussion: Mulvaney: Trump Wants More West Wing Discipline, Expects It From Kelly

Oh, the irony.

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Kelly is about to dress Trump down like a boot camp wannabe Marine, and show him what real authority looks like.

Trump will cower, respect and finally have a master, someone superior to him that he will follow.

“You know that he enjoys working with watching the generals.”

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I’m sure the Mooch is very keen on discipline…

Word this weekend was that Kelly took the job with no pre-conditions. That’s really hard to believe because it’s so foolish and dooms him to fail in the job.

And remember, Trump needed Kelly. Kelly has a great job and doesn’t need this. Kelly held all the cards.

I think it’s more likely that the ‘pre-conditions’ are just between he and Trump and we’ll never know what they are because Kelly will take it to his grave. Of course, any one naive enough to believe Trump would ever keep his word on anything gets what they deserve.

ATTN: Mick the Dick:


No irony here.

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Trump on new rule, made up on the fly…

“Disciple for thee, and not for me”. Good Luck pissants.

And when did this Mulvaney become the next White House spokesperson? I thought he was the fucking budget director. He seems to divine some special knowledge on the inner thoughts of the Orange One. So far, tRump’s little Leprechaun has been wrong more times than he’s been right.