Discussion: MSNBC Guest: Jindal 'Trying To Scrub Some Of The Brown Off His Skin'

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Maybe the problem is not the guests who may say offensive things. Maybe it’s the media agents who break their necks to book people who have a history of saying certain things. Instead of promoting what they say , these news agencies should have a certain code of conduct and if a guest crosses the line, they don’t get invited back to spew whatever they did to gain attention. Most of us won’t miss them and maybe more thoughtful people will be booked instead. As it stands, news agencies seem to get a kick out of what guests say and scramble to invite them on more shows in order to play clips and act indignant. It’s like Jerry Springer for the news shows.


Live with it, this guest is correct about Jindal.

“Live with it”? WTF? I was merely making a suggestion that would stop this frenzy that the news involves themselves with in order to be sensationalistic. I never said whether the guest was wrong and your thoughtless, knee-jerk answer adds nothing to the conversation. Live with that.

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Bout’time someone told it like it is. Jindal is a hideous troll



One of the reasons for Jindal’s success in the GOP and electoral politics is because of his brown skin. As a token brown in the GOP, he can be a totem example of their racial inclusion.

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He’s right, of course. But Jindal’s picked the party where they’re never ever gonna overlook that skin color.
Ironic, no?

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Sad to say…Payush doesn’t get it. 35 years ago he’d be pulling a cotton sack in Louisiana. He has no idea they are laughing at him not with him…

I was this interview, this dude was right on the money. MSNBC has developed an allergic reaction to the truth.