Discussion: 'Morning Joe': Sorry, New York Times, Chris Christie Is Back! (VIDEO)

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The Pulaski Skyway will be a huge part of CC’s undoing. Too bad Morning Joke couldnt find in on a map


Today Ms. Wallace will count to 20. Backwards. Please proceed.


Shows how tone deaf Scarborugh is. The bridge scandal is not over. This guys and his big head is filled with nonsense. Christie is toast. He state is last in job creation. NJ’s credit rating has been down graded. The Palski Skyway is a problem that is being investigated and Joe had his big head up his butt. The prosecutor is on him…Joe is an idiot.


Gov. Christie will always have something on his back if he was to get the GOP nomination. His aides could come out anytime and blow him away. They could be wailting just the right time to get their revenge.


Very small chance this man makes it out of the primaries, and then a very small chance he comes out intact… all of which equals a very, very small chance of winning the Presidency.


Sorry, Joe. Even if the scandal “went away” (it hasn’t, and won’t), Christie’s problems are much, much bigger. His cross-party appeal is gone. His entire governing approach is based on bullying. He treats people who dare ask him questions as enemies who need to be punished.

Witness his recent “answers” on the impact of Hobby Lobby on women. Asked if he’s worried about it, he answered “No.” Asked why not, he answered “Because I’m not.”

That’ll put those uppity voters in their place, right Chris?

Or maybe not.


for the love of god…why is this show still on the air? it reeks of plutocracy and elitism.


“Polls, Joe? Really?” At this point, it takes only 14-15% to be “leading.” That still means 85-86% of Republicans prefer someone else. These polls don’t get into who these people would back if their favorite was eliminated.

And Christie’s whole pitch was his “bipartisan” appeal. The more the wing-nuts love him, the less appealing he is to the sane block of voters.


Awwwww. It’s so cute when they act like Joe Scarborough’s opinion matters. It’s like watching a little kid play dress up in grown-up clothes and pretend to go to work.


This far into the Blagojecvich take down, Rod was going on television and would mock the prosecutors and judge for whoever would put him on. I’d like to remind everybody he’s one year into his fourteen year sentence. Relax, Christie will get his.


This show is unwatchable.

Last I remember, Joe talks to listen to himself talk, and when Mika tries to add her two cents, he tells her to STFU, and continues talking (probably about his time in Congress).

Did they ever find the person that murdered his Congressional aide?


OK, I’m trying to get my arms wrapped around this. So, there’s a ton of reporting that Christie cancelled the 3rd Hudson River tunnel, which had already been started at a cost of several million dollars, in order to get the Port Authority to transfer the funds so he could repair the crumbling Pulaski Skyway. And he did this even though the Skyway is not an entry or exit from NY or New Jersey (which falls under the jurisdiction of the Port Authority), so he could avoid having to pay for the repairs out of his own budget, which would have (spoiler alert!) required that he raise taxes, which to people of Christie’s ilk is the equivalent of drinking hemlock. According to Kate Zernike’s reporting (and others), this may well be a crime and almost everyone involved has resigned.

Joe’s comment on these facts is “oh, c’mon”, or “get over it”, or to cite non-specific polls, or to gloat “I told you so”. Is that what you’ve got, Bucky?

Why is this man any more credible than the guy who shook his fist at the YMCA bus believing it had migrant kids in it?


At this point, I question whether or not he will even throw his hat into the ring, to be honest. The hearings, investigations and trials are going to extend well beyond next year, and each one is a negative hit for him in the polls.

The problem for people like Joe is, its going to be a slow death, dragging on for quite awhile. And Christie might even show a slight upswing. But then the next piece comes out…and he is back in the gutter.


Joe needs to watch The Last Word a bit more often.

“Christie had cut $2.4 billion from the legally required pension
contributions he had vowed to make in 2010, saddling the ailing pension system with more long-term debt.” http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2014/07/christie_spoofs_the_movies_to_tease_new_plans_for_pension_system.html

Hurricane Windbag, is a fiscal giant.


What will be interesting is what Scarborough will say if indictments are handed down. Will he go the extra mile and accuse prosecutors of pursuing a political agenda or will he adhere to Christie’s innocence all the way through the trial process? Probably the latter, I’m guessing.


Has Nicole Wallace ever said a single thing worthy or regard or merit? How many Iraqi kids had to die so she could afford to buy her “little black dress?”


She can count to the 20th page of the NYT, dammit! :smile:


According to Morning Joe, Christie is back in the race and even leading in some polls for President on Venus.

Why are we disputing this?

It is all opinion at this point. I think that Rand Paul has a lock on the planet, which has no fiat currency, has been steadfastly isolationist, provides no aid to the poor or disabled, and has no fat government contracts for a President Christie to parcel out to cronies. I believe that those factors should outweigh any personal motivation Christie might have for seeking office in a place that has no extradition treaty with the U.S. However, Morning Joe and I are just guessing until there is some quality polling on the race.


So, here’s the plan guys. We just start saying that Christie’s back, see. And the lemmings in the GOP will nod their heads and say “yes, Christie is back.” Then the media will say “sources say that Chris Christie is back!”

Then the Democrats will argue saying “Chris Christie isn’t back!!!”

Then…he’ll be back.