Discussion: 'Morning Joe' Hosts Return To Airwaves To Respond To Trump: 'He Fears Women'

If this was Dynasty, Mika and Trump would mud wrestle in next week’s episode…
(with Joe as John Forsythe shudder!)

They make a cogent point.

Or have they forgotten that “nobody has more respect for women than Donald Trump”??


The upshot of the years of puffery these two lavished on Donald Trump is that they really are on his wavelength. They understand him, and they know what makes him tick, what sets him off.

It’s early, and it’s easy to opine on the internet, but I think Scarborough and Brzezinski may detonate Trump in a way that, to date, nobody else has. Questioning his mental capacity, saying he’s afraid of women? That cuts to the core of everything. And we’re heading for the Friday night quickening!


That’s why Donnie had this one assembled…


“The guy that’s in the White House now is not the guy we knew two years ago,” Scarborough added later. “

Nice try fuckwad. Not buying.


Lucky donnie and all the Rs who pull his strings. Media’s moved on from the abomination that is the health care bill. Though Turtles never forget.


The Donald Trump we knew, for the better part of 10 or 12 years, was always in on the joke."

From what I can tell, Donald has seldom been in on the joke. He went ballistic over Seth Meyer’s Correspondence dinner talk…was very controlling during his Comedy Central “roast”…hates Alec Baldwin with the heat of a 1,000 suns…

I think since he has ascended to the Oval Office Throne, he has just been letting his real self show.


Joe is about to get his big break in this summer’s top blockbuster superhero movie: Captain Obvious.

@littlegirlblue The mass of fools is dragging Mitch back, though. Rand Paul publicly fought the “repeal, then replace” strategy that Mitch’s staffers initially pushed, and now he’s decided that “repeal and replace” is impossible and they should go back. Donnie and Ben Sasse are on board, too. In a couple of weeks they’ll realize that just repealing is also terrible, and the cycle will repeat.


The GOP as a whole fears women.


They long for the 50s when women were kept in the kitchen or bedroom…barefoot and pregnant OR vacuuming in heels and pearls.


“The guy that’s in the White House now is not the guy we knew two years ago,” Scarborough added later.

Joe, Joe, Joe….you should have stopped before this statement. This is the one you threw in to make it okay that you once hobnobbed with the asshole that is donnie. He was an asshole then, and now and forever will be. You kissed his ass and helped get him into the WH. Own it.


Agreed completely. He was NEVER “in on the joke.” One of the reasons Rump is despised in NYC is because he was the punchline to the joke among so many. Another thing I would say is that I don’t think he’s afraid of women so much as I think, deep down, he hates them. Aside from the dominance plays he forces everyone to endure, any women in his life are subjected to something that goes even beyond the rudeness for others.

His contempt for women borders on outright sadism.


He also fears those with higher intelligence than him - you know, like doorknobs, toilet seats, floor tile, shag carpeting, etc.


Oh c’mon. Trump is not ‘special’. He is a classic bully boy. He picks on women for his most vicious attacks because he is afraid that if he unleashed his particular brand of vitriol on most men they would kick him in the balls and…whatever. When he actually realizes he is PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES he may up his game with men but…we’ll see.


Spot on. Donnie has never had a sense of humor. He can’t even muster up an authentic smile, much less a real laugh.


Trump likes his women non-vocal and made of plastic.


Well, I guess Trump’s worse now than he was two years ago, I’ll grant them that. But it’s a difference of degree, not of kind.

And of course the main reason Joe and Mika finally noticed what a nasty piece of work Trump is, is that he started targeting them, and people like them (for example Megyn Kelly) with his vicious attacks.


It’s amazing what they can do with polystyrene these days, isn’t it?
Of course, the last time I saw Melania she was bleeding from her plastic surgery scars. Sad!


That’s why he prefers women with English as a second language. With them…he really DOES know all the best words.