Discussion: More Than Half A Dozen Idaho State Senators Sit Out Hindu Invocation

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The republicans consistently and ignorantly assume a ’ hair on fire’ position on anything they don’t like or think the baby Jesus wouldn’t like if the baby Jesus was an American republican.l


OH … Coeur d’Alene, Idaho - AKA - the NAZI-White Supremacist NO-GO ZONE


Ignorant, stupid, hateful louts.


From Wikipedia’s Steve Vick entry: “Steve attended Power High School in Power, Montana. He achieved his Bachelor of Science in Engineering at Montana State University in 1979. Steve’s career is in home construction and remodeling business. He previously had worked as an Engineer, a Farmer, and a Real Estate Appraiser.”

How do you go from engineer to farmer to real estate appraiser to home construction and remodeling? Restlessness?

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Lot of sheep in Idaho I thought.


Know-Nothing assholes.


“They worship cows.” Yeah, and you worship an invisible sky spirit that indiscriminately tortures and/or kills (and then tortures some more) anyone it doesn’t agree with (per scripture). Moron.


incompetence … plain & simple


State Sen. Steve Vick ® told
the Spokesman-Review on Monday that he would walk out of the
invocation, delivered by Hindu leader Rajan Zed. He explained that the
U.S. was “built on the Judeo-Christian not only religion but work
ethic," and said he didn’t want to see that “undermined.”

That is not true. The founders of oiur Republic used NO religion in our founding. We are a secular nation which the idjet from Idaho has missed.


I got no use for this pig-ignorant bigot, but lots of people in predominantly rural areas end up with some agriculture on their resume before they go to school to do something else. Appraiser to contractor is easy. Most of the better appraisers I know are former contractors. He probably did it while he was cramming for the contractor exam.

Engineer to contractor, though, while not a huge stretch, is rather unusual.

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I remember reading about how the British occupation of India was helped along by the the Hindu religion ultimately being mono-thestic, so the Anglican Church wasn’t too far outside of the Hindu comfort zone. Unfortunately, by now they’ve had lots of experience with the Christian zealotry and it’s overriding intolerance for anyone not looking out of the mirror.

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He explained that the U.S. was “built on the Judeo-Christian not only religion but work ethic," and said he didn’t want to see that “undermined.”

Yeah, because if we know anything about the Hindus it’s how rotten their work ethic is. Why, when I think of India I know all I can think of is shiftless, lazy bums.


Did it ever occur to these bozos that should they partake of Communion at their local church of their choice they are symbolically drinking blood and eating human flesh???


That’s the fun part of ideology. There are no facts, just ideas, so you can bend it any way you want to at the moment.


Ah, Idaho, always living up to your reputation as “The Mississippi of the West”

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“They worship cows!”

And you and yours worship a zombie!


To non believers all religions don’t sound that reasonable. He should really refrain from playing the you believe in something that doesn’t make sense to me game.


“They worship cows”

No, they actually don’t. The least this asshole could have done is put some research into the religion before exposing himself as a petty bigot.


Never thought of it that way, but you’re right on!