Discussion: Montana Officials Secretly Negotiating Medicaid Expansion Deal

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“The goals are cheaper cost, better (medical) service and a healthier population. If we can find a way to do it, we will. If we can’t, we can’t.”

Well here’s an idea, dillweed. Accept the goddamned 100% funding money from the Federal government and increase your existing state Medicaid program.


If we can’t, well, they’ll just have to die sooner!

Sheesh, what a dickweed.


Somethin’ 'bout medical care that even appeals to strong, cowboy types.

That’d do it. :smile:

What a bunch of cowards.

Please don’t tell my constituents that I’m acting in their best interest!
Please don’t tell the RNC I’m acting in the best interest of constituents!
Please don’t call the ACA Obamacare!

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Doesn’t this go on the ballot in November in Montana to expand Medicaid? I think that the GOP better make a deal now or they won’t get a deal they like in 2015.

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