Discussion: Montana GOP Senate Candidate's Claims To Be A Rancher Are Partly Bull

Kind of like all those Country and Western stars who love them some 10 gallon cowboy hats and put on the fake drawl apart from the fact they have never seen a horse up close.
I mean WTF is the deal with the hats ?


He’s a rancher the way Trump is a businessman. It’s a claim that doesn’t bear too much scrutiny.


It really is a local thing “out west.” I just got back from a couple of weeks in southern Colorado, and saw it everywhere. Went out to dinner at a Mexican place in Alamosa, and the crowd looked like a road company of Blazing Saddles. Two tables away from me, I swear, was Mongo. And he was with Mrs. Mongo, who outweighed him by at least 100 lbs, and wasn’t as pretty.

And yes, hats galore. My sun-functional Tilley hat marked me as a furriner.


I think the name Maryland Matt is hilarious and could be devastating in his market.


The gate areas of the airports in Houston are full of campy cowboys: Derby-Day-sized hats, tight jeans, high heeled boots, brightly colored blousey tops, bejeweled wrists. If the drinks were stronger, it could be a gay bar.


If assless chaps start showing up, you’ll know what’s happened.


It appears that he’s never owned any cattle.

I think it complicates the claim of being a rancher when you’ve literally never owned a cow. Owning at least one cow is fundamental. If people ranch on land you lease to them I suppose you could call yourself a landlord. But if they fish there it doesn’t make you an angler, if they hunt it doesn’t make you a hunter, and if they perform Swan Lake it doesn’t make you a ballerina. So yeah I think Tester has a line of attack here. :smile:

Thing is he could have been real about this and neutralized that attack. Show himself with a bunch of consternated cowboys all sitting down to a meal of steamed crabs–that’d be kind of funny. And he could say he wasn’t born there, he moved there because he loved the land and the people. But I guess stupid liars gonna lie stupidly.



I’ve got a ranch too! It came in the mail. But Mommy says I can’t open it until Christmas. :confused:


Well, Mitt Romney was star quarterback friends with the NFL owners, and he’s running just south of there. This Matt character should fit right in.


Wow, a pickup and everything!! I want one too.


Claiming to be something he is not makes him a phony. But reaaly, do you have to be a life lobg resident to understand problems? The same mentality exists here in Georgia. I guess when local folks don’t move, they are suspicious of those who do.


The satellite dish is the most authentic touch.


This struck me as weird: one of Tester’s credentials is “the fingers he lost in a childhood meat grinder accident.” If so, three people in my family are qualified to run in Montana. Wait, does it have to be a meat grinder?


I am fairly certain PGing the cows is pregnancy testing them. I don’t think I have ever heard it called that in Missouri. It would be fun to watch this fake cowman try to put cows in the chute! lol

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Rosendale’s rancher bona fides


Those repugs really love fake cowboys. Shrub never set foot outside a suburb until he ran for president and had to have a fake ranch. Piece of shit was terrified of horses but all those Texas repugs worshipped him for “authenticity.”

Tester, for all his repug-lite flaws, is the real deal. I just hope there are enough Montana dems to put him over the top.


Rancher, landlord, details! Details!


So what he’s from Maryland. People tried the same thing when Hillary ran for the Senate from New York. What matters is what someone can do for your state. Don’t get me wrong, he is a Republican and therefore disqualified for holding public office as far as I am concerned. But not because he has only lived in the state for 16 years.