Discussion: Mnuchin Won't Say How Trump Will Prove He Doesn't Benefit From Tax Plan

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Trump can’t ‘prove’ how he’ll fare because (a) we don’t know the details of the proposed plan, and (b) we have to see both his personal returns and his corporate returns. Anything less is unacceptable proof.


Republican voters will eat this with a spoon and ask for more.

As for the rest of us–the vast majority of Americans who oppose this incredible, toxic malpractice in governance–gerrymandering and voter suppression are expected to take care of that little problem. And maybe a little hacking and electoral fraud around the edges, if needs be.

These people don’t even fake it with passion and energy any more. They’re so utterly confident that a poisonous, disruptive, destabilizing tax cut will make it through their corrupt Congress, and that someone will place a pen in those stubby little fingers and the Great I Am will sign the bill, that the most they summon up is this kind of bored Kabuki on the Sunday shows.


“I wouldn’t need to make the assumptions if we had the President’s tax returns,” Stephanopoulos said. “The President himself has said publicly he’s not going to get a benefit from this tax plan. My question to you is, how are the American people going to know that if he’s not releasing his tax returns?”

Becuz he is recognized all over the globe as a man of his word?

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What is it about Mnuchin’s face that creates this irresistible desire in me to flip his ear?


Personally I am in favor of simplifying the tax code, but to say Trump won’t benefit from repeal of the Estate Tax is silly.

I want a tax code that doesn’t force people to make business decisions to take advantage of some loophole or other. That screws up decision making at all levels. Of course there is a complete industry dedicated to creating new loopholes for large corporations and rich people.


If he’s saying he won’t benefit, maybe it’s because he’s paying zero taxes already. Until he proves otherwise, it’s a fair assumption.


Shorter Steve Mnunchin: “this bill ensures oligarchs like me and Trump make out like bandits. You dummies will never figure it out and we’ll distract you so no one can see the truth. LOL.”


Well, it is true that Donnie Two Scoops won’t personally benefit from the repeal of the Estate Tax.

His Evil Spawn will. When he’s dead. And making sure Lust Object gets her “fair” share is so important, poor child.


True, but his family will. The reason the oligarchs want to eliminate the estate tax is to cement the creation of a class of nobles. Pretty soon our kids or grandkids will be calling Don III and Mnuchin’s grand kids “sir” or “your lordship.”


Mnuchin is always making claims as to what the American public “thinks,” “feels,” “believes,” “wants,” etc. How in the hell does he know that?? And, he has the gall to suggest that those who question him are making “assumptions.” How does he “assume” he knows what the citizens think? Is he a mind reader? No, he’s a corrupt fool!


Trump is one big lifelong Net Operating Loss. As mentioned by others, the tax bill will not affect him because he doesn’t pay taxes anyway. Too bad there is no way the country as a whole can take advantage of Trump’s tenure as a NOL.


“I think the American public will be comfortable with the information they have,” Mnuchin said. “We’re going to make sure that there’s the proper rules. There’s going to be full transparency, as we go through the legislative process, what those rules are so that rich people can’t take advantage of it

The #Gucci husband flying military and private jets for personal trips is going to make sure rich people don’t take advantage?? Curious to know if he was able to keep a straight face while mouthing that.*


There’s going to be full transparency

I’ll give them this: the Trump administration’s (and Ryan’s, and McConnell’s) contempt for regular Americans is fully transparent.


We could just take Trump at his word, and trust in his complete honesty.

By the way, funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program expired yesterday. 9 million kids lost their insurance just like that. But hey, who’s got time to deal with that when there are tax cuts for the rich to worry about - the American oligarchy is so in need of relief from the oppression under which they suffer.


These guys always, always ask the wrong question. The question shouldn’t be about Trump. The question should be: “President Trump has said that wealthy and connected people will not benefit from the tax plan. Is he correct? Under this plan, is it true that wealthy people will not get a tax cut?”

And when the talking point comes back" “We haven’t nailed down the details,” you press:

“Yes, but there is a framework, and we have President Trumps’ on the record statement. Is it, or is it not, the administration’s position that wealthy and connected people will not get a tax cut under this bill”

And if he then says:“Yes, everyone is going to see their taxes cut,” then the question is:

“So the President was simply wrong when he said wealthy and connected people would not benefit from the bill”?

That’s the real question. It’s not about trapping Trump personally, however satisfying that might be.


Trump is a world-class purveyor of bare-faced lies. The sooner the media recognize that and call him on his lies the better off we will all be.


Jeez, that picture. Car-salesman much?Check this picture


Good point. Shades of Mitch.

"There’s going to be full transparency, as we go through the legislative process, what those rules are so that rich people can’t take advantage of it.”

Well, that would be a first. There has been nothing transparent about anything them have attempted to date (e.g. ACA repeal).


Thing is, the tax code is in large part how we legislate. How we encourage certain practices, discourage others. More home ownership is good? Tax break on mortgages. Energy efficiency better? Tax breaks on improvements. Spending down your retirement nest egg while still working? Penalties. And so on. It’s something flat tax proponents don’t seem to get (or more frighteningly, do).

Forcing people to make business decisions to take advantage of breaks - or loopholes - is often what we do instead of making laws telling people they have to do certain things. Case in point: the ACA mandate.

Of course this system is not only prone to corruption, corruption is inevitable. There needs to be a constant examination of who is manipulating their positions of wealth and power (thanks Citizens United), what breaks cause accidental or accidental-on-purpose advantages of unintended scale or to unintended targets, where the code needs to be tweaked to make it fair and provide the resources the government needs. But the thing is, all of this requires at least a nod to good-faith effort to do those things, by the media but especially by the politicians whom we elect to manage this mess.

Mnuchin and Trump come right out and say, of course we benefit, we deserve it, and it’s none of your business anyway. They don’t even pretend.