Discussion: Mitt Romney's Son Wants To See Some GOPer Challenge Sen. Lee

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I’m not in Utah (praise Satan!) but if I were I would actually vote for a Romney bastard over Cruz’s chubby little gimp bitch.


Mrs. Romney most certainly gave the baby to correct man, didn’t she. No mistaking who that dude’s father is.


Spawn of Romney: " Work is for someone else."



Shouldn’t his name be something like Jogg or Frosh…or just asshole?


Lee, Romney said, made “a mistake” in helping Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) push to defund Obamacare that resulted in a government shutdown in 2013.

“I think that was very divisive,” Lee said. "I think it probably hurt the Republican Party politically."

Sure, Josh, as it’s all about party politics and not America, on the whole? Got it. (To those thinking it, I know, I know, nearly all politicians (and the potentials) do it … but wouldn’t it be refreshing to witness more of them being concerned about what is good for America and her people?).



Junior can’t run…cause that would interfere with the almost perennial nature of good ole Dad as episodic GOP frontrunner candidate for 2020. R-money will undoubtably run in another 4 years to take another stab at the Presidency after Hillary wins in '16, in an attempt to restore the country to necessary state of paternalism, just as the good Lord and Joseph Smith intended. He’ll be in need of Junior to help him run that campaign so he can be sure to fail all over again. In the meantime…Ching, ching goes the money machine.

Now, if they quit making that same color hair dye that Mittens so lavishly applies in four years from now, all bets are off.


What’s a wealthy scion to do when your family connections only overcome your own innate shortcomings so much?

How can you do a story about this guy and not use the picture with the dead eyes stare?

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Two rich Mormon families fighting over power… It makes me physically sick.

Josh “Lurch” Romney: Mike Lee Insufficently Troglodytic to Stay in Senate.

(TPM headline enhanced for optimal truthiness).

I’d kind of like to see this happen.

First, Mike Lee is a horrible senator, wrong on everything he takes a stand on, dead wrong on the constitution, dead wrong on the commerce clause, dead wrong on the 10th amendment, a functional idiot on the economy and banking, a misogynist, a practical bigot, horrible on the environment, a practicing religiot, and one the LEAST appropriate persons one can conceive of to ever be elected to public office. Morons like Reps Steve King, Michelle Bachmann and Louie Gohmert are horrible useful bigots, but all together they’re nowhere as dangerous and destructive to this democracy and its economy and culture as is Mike Lee.

Second, I’m not big on this idea of assuming each generation is just a copy of the last. Mitt Romney would have been a bad president, definitely a wrong choice for 2012 and probably ever given his attitudes and beliefs; but his dad, George, I’m not at all sure he would have been a bad president, indeed he might even have been a pretty good one in his day - it’s just that events took his day away (JFK being assassinated, the rise of Goldwater, the Civil Rights wars). George understood the real value to US society and the economy in flourishing labor unions and a healthy vibrant working class. It’s hard to see how Mitt went so bad off George as a model; I’m inclined to think Mitt went bad due to his own devils.

Sight unseen, Josh Romney’s going to be better than Mike Lee, and he may prove to be better than his dad Mitt, possibly even a pol that would have made George proud. The Mormon church is a big feature of the American scene, more and more as one heads into the Great Plains and western desert states. It’s got lots of loony things about it, but then so do all religions (maybe buddhism not so much but even then), and in any event it’s wrong and dangerous and counterproductive not to have Mormons as fully functioning participants in the national discussion, wrong as their church doctrine and polices are on so many things.

Run, Josh, Run. If I lived there - and bear in mind over half of Utah adults are not practicing Mormons, and there are actually tens of thousands of admitted agnostics and atheists in Utah - I’d sure be thinking of voting for him, certainly over the disastrously wrong-on-everything Mike Lee.

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You’re blaming someone for what his PARENTS named him?

You could say the same of JFK, RFK, Teddy Kennedy … and if you’re GOPerly inclined, every Bush or was ever president or has ever run to be president.

But Huntsman Jr. split with his father and joined Lee’s re-election committee as a co-chairman.

This is why Jon Huntsman Jr. was so terribly frightening to me when he ran for president. Not only did he come across as decent and terribly reasonable, he’s also very intelligent. That he’s going to work to reelect a regressive, misogynistic, lying, moron who seeks to destroy every bit of the social safety net, and one who blocks every bit of progress the president he served tries to enact reveals what’s really at Huntsman’s core. His reasonable guy act was just that, an act.

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A competitor, Utah county aka: Happy Valley (seriously), they would vote for LEE no matter what. Mia Love is from the same area. ‘Happy Valley’ aka: land of the living dead. Have you EVER seen a HAPPY zombie? They look like an Osmond or a Romney…believe me you’ll know ‘IT’ when you seen ‘IT’.

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