Discussion: Mitch McConnell Just Ran The Table And He Knows It

He owns it when they throw millions off health insurance. Good luck


Take a look at the 2018 Senate races and get back to me. There isn’t a single current Republican seat that will turn blue. Not one.

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Well he did state that KYnect would survive a federal dismantling.

Time to find out

Yup. And several victories in '06 that held on to '12 and could be at risk. Claire McCaskill jumps out as one.

"McConnell did give one warning though. The world may be his oyster, but he said himself that majorities often mistake what their mandates mean and they take them too far.
“Frequently new majorities think it’s going to be forever. Nothing’s forever in this country. We have an election every two years right on schedule,” McConnell said. “I don’t think we should act like we’ll be in the majority forever.”

That’s a remarkable statement, considering that he acted like he was in the majority when he was in the minority and also acted like he could dictate anything when he was in the majority. But if you take it at face value, then ohfuckit it can’t be taken at face value.


The Republicans learned an important lesson last night. If you spend eight years denying the other party the right to govern, you will be rewarded by the voters for it.

They blocked nearly 500 bills, countless federal judges and a Supreme Court nominee. It cost them nothing, and as a thank you from the public, they were granted control of the entire government.

Important questions: How long will it take Trump to make America great again? How will we know when he has done so? How soon can we complain if he hasn’t managed to do it?


Today is my day to mourn. so can we secede, please?

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Before Mitch gets comfy, he should look at mortality tables. A lot of his Republican colleagues are very old. Very, very old.

This is effectively a four year gig for McConnell and he knows it; with 25 of the 33 seats up for re-election in the hands of Democrats, there’s simply no upside for team Blue in the Senate, even if the Republicans become very unpopular–it likely will be an exercise in at best swapping a seat or two. Dems needed to fix the damage of 2010 this week, and they dismally failed to do that. But the moment they start tinkering in health care, two things are going to happen very quickly–premiums will go up faster than they already are and providers are going to drop out of the system, resulting in health care rationing even for those on plans. That’s quite apart from the impact and the appearances of kicking 20 to 30 million people off insurance, knocking out rural hospitals across the country and bringing an already creaking system to its knees. The logical outcome of McConnell’s Captain Ahab-like obsession is that the American Medical Association of the 1930s gets its way, no insurance, no government provision, just fees for service that limit real health care to only the very rich.

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That’s how we should act now. Follow Mitch’s example. Do not allow this GOP to pass anything. Make them do away with the filibuster and then they own everything.


And McConnell is very rich so what does he care.

I do appreciate the NATO comment. Credit where credit is due and all that.

McConnell at least realizes that Obama won 2 terms - and there wasn’t any scandal the repubs could use to get an impeachment. He also realizes that the country is in much better shape than it was when Bush2 left office. He went for total obstruction against Obama - does he now expect cooperation from the democrats in Congress? He didn’t say it but he also knows that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 300,000 and without the Comey FBI letter would have won the electoral votes too. 20,000,000 people have health insurance now who didn’t have it before - stock market has doubled since Bush2 left office. How many votes do the repubs lose in 2018 if they cause chaos? How do they expect to keep Trump from causing chaos? I want to hear some prominent democrats say they intend to support Trump to the same extent that McConnell supported Obama.

Well he gets to own it all now.