Discussion: Missouri Sen. Who Made Trump Murder Facebook Comment May Face Ouster

I understand Chappelle-Nadar’s frustration, but she has apologized, she was a in the thicket of it during Ferguson, and Greitens is a jerk. I know that Parson’s is out state MO and white nationalists, KKK, and their ilk are part and parcel in his neck of the woods. I hope that some good sate Democratic operative has saved all the disgusting anti Obama jokes, memes and such to counter act this.

Sorry, not the same. If anyone had called for Obama to be assassinated, yes, that’s the same.

If she had Trump in a Nazi uniform or Klan hood, fine. Assassination is a totally different thing. You get SS visits doing that, and it’s just real idiocy to put such a thing on a Facebook page. She has no business in government, nor does anyone else who wishes someone assassinated.