Discussion: Missouri Mayor Says He 'Kind Of Agreed' With White Supremacist

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While I would like to differentiate myself from Mayor Clevenger in most respects such as beliefs, motivation, and actions, I’m afraid that I have too often left similar outrageous comments, as he witnessed, on the table unchallenged, without considering the reality that silence is often counted as assent.


If Clevenger had remained silent, that would be one thing. But in this case, it’s what he himself actually said that is most damning.

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“I don’t like to express that too much,” Clevenger said.

The cat’s out of the bag now.

He sounds like a Ron Paul newsletter subscriber and probably seems like a really nice guy in person.

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Yep that’s how to get elected in a red state I guess. Write articles for the newsletter and be a really nice person.

Please let the Koch brothers be Jewish, please let the Koch brothers be Jewish…

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I don’t want to like this, but I can’t help myself.

Still, I want people to hate them for the right reason.

I suspect Mr Clevenger is a Christian? Odd that if this is the case that he’d hate Jews and worship one as God…
I’m not so flush with friends that I can afford to toss someone out based on characteristics they have no control of.

How typical to blame someone else for one’s own shortcomings.

I know. I want people to hate them for the right reasons, too. But if schlumps like this bozo can be turned off simply by someone’s faith system, then the door is opened.

I apologize. This was in poor taste.