Discussion: Minnesota Guv Claims Obamacare Call Center Was Jammed By Robocalls

See? Obamacare is broken.


There go those deplorables … again.


There is more;
Not only were there lots of robocalls to jam the call center, there was a DDOS attack against all the State of Minnesota web sites that slowed them to a crawl and caused lots of problems.
This was not some script-kiddie, this was someone HIRED to do this in a coordinated attack to make the MNSure site look bad.
The RNC (and the Koch Bros. machine) has changed ALL their advertising to just attack the Democratic candidates on Obamacare/MNSure relentlessly in the last week.
This is not a coincidence.


MN Guv: “Somebody’s trying to jam the call center, and making robocalls to try to snafu the thing — which is deplorable.”

World class trolling.


Keep digging, GOP’ers.

You haven’t reached bottom yet…


Let me see… Hhmmm …

Who would do such a thing …I just … can ya give me a hint ? ? …


GOPers will not stop sabotaging Obamacare until it’s FUBARed. They’ve already done a bang-up job.


Gives new meaning to denial of service.


Everytime I read a story of obstructionism by the GOP I wonder why, if they believe their policies are so much better and supported by the country do they resort to so many sneaky tactics?


This kind of thing needs an “-ism.” Terrorism is when you use violence or the threat of violence to effect some political change you can’t get legitimately. What is using sheer dickishness called?


"Somebody’s trying to jam the call center, and making robocalls to try to snafu the thing — which is deplorable,” Dayton told the Star Tribune.

Thank you, Governor.

The Right knows that the ACA is working when it’s allowed to work. And, the fact of the matter is, people are used to it and taking it away really isn’t going to be feasible. Because they want the alternative to be is going back to what we had before which was NOTHING. Although, the Right thinks that if they jam up the ACA assistance enough, that’s what the alternative is.

They don’t realize that after the ACA, comes the public option.


Sounds like another “Bridgegate” type of operation. If Republicans want to convince everyone that government is broken they do their best to break it and then say,“I told you so.”

Truly deplorable.


Your Pro-Life Republicans at work.


This is criminal activity.

We need the FBI to get on this. Call them up and tell them that Clinton did it.


It is beyond deplorable. How could anyone who is a decent human being sabotage anyone else’s attempt to get healthcare for a family member? I just answered my own question.


Gives you an idea of how much money and therefore influence of the top 10% of Americans who pay the entirety of the subsidies provided under the ACA. The opposition to the ACA is generated by those wealthy individuals making more than $250,000/year and the couples making more than $500,000 who have to pay a very small tax on their capital gains. Just the tax on that segment of our population allows tens of millions of other Americans to finally have access to healthcare they could not afford or simply could not get prior to the ACA and they don’t like it one bit. These people are contributing massively to anti Obamacare candidates for office as well as to organizations dedicated to repealing the ACA. Just a few people control so much money, so much power to influence our politics and media that on any given day it appears to be a major revolt against the ACA when in fact it is a few but with very large microphones.


My belief is that even if the public option is thwarted by some Senate opposition in a Dem controlled Congress (very unlikely) at the very least, we’ll get something in the way of price controls on medicines. This has just been too hot an issue to ignore.


Although DDoS attacks have become a dime a dozen, they are in fact criminal acts. It would be terrible if the FBI had to go through the entire local GOP infrastructure looking for a connection.

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