Discussion: Minnesota Cop Apologizes For Telling Drivers To Hit Black Lives Matter Protestors

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He’s a lying mother fucker. Its too late to say your sorry because you should have thought about it before you said it. The police department needs to fire this piece of shit.


haha! I thought the same exact thing!

Cop Apologies For Urging Drivers To Hit Black Lives Matter Protestors

Does he now?


Yet, all we hear from police and their unions is: “Respect Me! Respect Me!”

Excuse me, officer, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to respect this clown. You, however, have a chance to earn my respect by drumming him and his ilk out of your profession.


"I am extremely sorry for posting what I did, I understand that the post was insensitive and wrong. My poor choice of words conveyed a message I did not intend and am not proud of,” Sgt. Jeffrey M. Rothecker wrote in the statement, according to the Star Tribune.

Sure, I’ll ask. What the hell was your intention then sir?


I was wondering the same. His post was pretty cut and dried, didn’t sound like drunk rambling, etc.

My guess is he felt pretty safe behind his oh so subtle alias.


A cop told people to break the law; he must resign. That’s not part of his job description.


If I posted a similar statement on Facebook, my employer would terminate me. I have no doubt about it, and rightly so. Unless I missed a report, the SPPD is investigating the incident. Sad to say that I will be surprised if he is terminated. He certainly should be terminated.

I know that people post idiotic statements on Facebook. People drink and are sitting at the computer late at night, and they post statements in a drunken rage. His statements are so specific, and they are encouraging intentional battery and attempted murder with specific guidance on how to avoid responsibility. Most employers would feel that they had to terminate a person who posted such statements. They would feel that they had no choice but to do so because the employee showed such poor judgement and might be unstable. My guess is that the PD will feel differently. Amazing.


"My poor choice of words conveyed a message I did not intend and am not proud of,”

Haha…poor choice of excuse scripts is hilarious. Ummm, no…square peg round hole…what he wrote does not permit use of the “poor choice of words” loophole. This pig meant exactly what he said and that’s abundantly clear from what he said and how he said it. This was an attempt to incite and give permission by assuring people that they would have the pigs on their side if they decided to run down some “n—rs” for fun and points.


Cop Apologies For Urging Drivers To Hit Black Lives Matter Protestors

I want to know who wrote this headline. Josh must have the same gift that Stephen Colbert has - the inability to be embarrassed.

“Poor choice of words” begs the question: what would have been a better choice of words?

I got nothing.


How to get away with murder™


Why, when I was a boy, the police had to actually kill someone to get a paid vacation.

Now they just have to encourage it in a Facebook post.


My poor choice of words conveyed a message I did not intend and am not proud of,”

No, it’s pretty clear you were a proud and puffed-chest moron…

until you got caught.

Get rid of this bad cop. NOW.

The police union does itself no favors here.


OK no. That comment was not just some knuckle-dragger, moment of rage, alcohol induced Facebook venting. This was a public official, a police officer, giving step-by-step instructions on how to murder protesters, commit vehicular homicide, and get away with it.

There should be a terrorism charge against this fool.


The apology given by the cop works better for the headline then it does for what the cop posted.

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Isn’t this some kind of conspiracy to commit?

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So you want me, the white guy, to deliberately run over a black guy, protesting? OK

And then call 911 and drive two blocks so I won’t get beaten to death? OK

And then you’ll show up and everything will be cool? OK

Anything else?

Look, folks, he apologized. What more do you want? He deserves a Pedal (to the) Medal for his humility, candor and heartfelt remorse.

(Where the f*%k is Eustace when we need him?)


Get him off the force!! What the heck is he doing encouraging people to commit hit and run offenses? He doesn’t belong in uniform much less a Sergeant who is probably in charge of other officers!!