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There’s no way he can win this one.


Pence got his start on right-wing radio. After I learned that, nothing he does will surprise me.


Mike Pence’s history deserves to be exposed to the light of day as he tries to equivocate.


One good thing if you can say one good thing that has come out of this is that Pence will never be POTUS or VP.


Of course, like all good Christianist Republicans, he’s been misunderstood about the whole thing and therefore he’s a victim of persecution by the large numbers of people objecting to this blatant attempt to pander to the bigoted Christianists that he thinks could put him over the top in the Presidential election.


Just wondering when an Indiana State legislator will introduce a bill to overturn this piece of rancid garbage.

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Well Indiana when you elect an a$$hle you shouldn’t be surprised that you get sht on.


“In the state of Indiana, marriage is recognized as between people of the same race, and I think that’s how it should remain,”

There fixed it for you (in order to expose the utterly vapid nature of your position).


He’s got a law degree but instead of practicing he went into course guidance counselling for a college admissions program. That’s a bit odd. Then he went into private legal practice for a while, maybe, it’s really hard to tell because he never actually did anything with that except run for office. After he lost a second time he went deep in the world of right wing policy think tankery, and after 3 years of doing that - all in figurehead PR, speechifying and fund raising, no actual policy writing because he not only can’t write worth a damn he’s not any type of reader and can’t think his way out of room without help - into his Big Break in RW talk show radio.

Matt Yglesias, who’s not any sort of Alex Pareene at insulting pols and hacks, around 2006-7 in Washington did a some Q &A interview with Pence on social security mostly, and then went right to his blog to post on exactly what moronic arguments and answers Pence gave him and deeply stupid person and fraud Pence is.


The far right is paying a little bit for the Hobby Lobby/Citizens United sins. With corporations becoming ‘people’ and imposing difficulties on other people because of their owner’s religious bigotry, the country is in no mood to risk any further expansion of theocracy,

I discovered the Yglesias article recently via John Cole at Balloon Juice, when he said,

It is always important to remember, that when discussing Mike Pence, that he is really, really, stupid, and that Matt Yglesias nailed this fact long ago:

And the article in question:


The abysmal voting rate by Americans is the biggest reason tools like Pence even get that far. America’s weakest, the poor and those who depend on the generosity of government assistance vote in such small numbers as to not be taken seriously. The same holds true for black Americans…This is why America has been sold to the 1%ers and we have no one to blame but those who choose not to vote. And how anyone in Indiana can claim that they are the will of the people when only 15% voted in the elections remains a mystery to me.

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I grew up during the '60 and '70s, being born in 1956 in Chicago, and even at an early age I was disgusted by the actions of the Southern racist establishment during the Civil Rights movement. But at least those assholes were honest in their hatred; no one could ever misconstrue what their agenda was: the oppression of African-Americans. But these religious nutcases always whine about how fucking persecuted they are, and are always saying how their horrendous laws are not discriminatory, even though you would have to have the IQ of a tube of toothpaste not to see that they are. They could at least have the balls to be honest about their hatred, which is the true term that should be used, not “religious freedom”. (BTW, my late mother, who died in 2010 at the age of 90, was a born and bred Indiana girl from Beech Grove, and if she was alive today she would be absolutely incensed at these turns of events in her home state. She was pro-gay, pro-women’s rights, pro-labor, pro-everything that the Teabaggers are against. She would have kicked Mike Pence in his shriveled testicles and would gladly have gone to jail for it!)


At this rate Pence is probably cooked. The question is whether or not he’ll sink his GOP super majority. People who abuse power usually lose it spectacularly.

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This is the latest move from Pence. First he tried the standard Teabagger technique of stonewalling. You just don’t budge or say anything no matter WHAT your opponents do. Billo’s used this for YEARS when the Andrea Mackris affair comes up. That’s not working here simply because of the Final Four, which focuses attention on Indiana and keeps it there every time some else moves a convention or cancels a concert.

Now he’s trying the secondary Teabagger technique of saying “This is just not a big deal and it doesn’t do what it does,” hoping people will just raise a ruckus for a while and then just sit down and grumble.

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He said “misinformation” about 117 times in that Stephanopoulos grilling and I got the impression that by “misinformation” he sincerely meant “anything that makes people yell at Mike Pence”—that’s misinformation ipso facto. It seems he’s so deep in the bubble that he truly doesn’t understand what the uproar is about. These people are so clueless you literally can’t believe it. They think they’re just being good Americans and Christians and what right-thinking person could possibly object? It’s mind-boggling, it really is.

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Pence babbled nearly nonstop, terrified of a pet poodle like Stephie wobbling his spin…


Religulous liberty has become a thinly veiled disguise for state sponsored tyranny by conservatives to be used for destroying individual liberties and for trampling on the constitution. I cannot understand why religulous folk and institutions deserve special rights and privileges that are not available to more law abiding, civic and socially beneficial non-religious citizens and secular institutions.

It is time for the NCAA to move its headquarters and the Final Four from Indianapolis.